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Tanzania has long been seen as a country of unfulfilled promise. But its new president, known as the ‘Bulldozer’, is causing a stir. The country is expecting growth in fintech, telecoms, agriculture and tourism.

New leader starts to shake things up

John Magufuli

The economy is among the fastest growing in Africa, but big challenges lie ahead

©AFP/Daniel Hayduk

President’s tactics alienate opponents

John Magufuli faces accusations of stifling democracy

Zanzibar: ‘Politics is like a religion’

Internationally, the election last year is regarded as a serious blot on Tanzania’s copybook

Move to market economy brings success

Agriculture is a rare weak spot as the country outperforms regional rivals


Fintech transforms business practice

Local operators are competing to deliver innovative financial services

Shanta Gold’s Toby Bradbury

Call for stability after anti-graft push

The government is trying to reassure foreign investors it wants their business

‘Bulldozer’ builds for the future

The latest budget shows a shift from current to capital spending


Tourism suffers from misconceptions

Strong growth at beginning of the decade appears to have stalled

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Farming hit by lack of infrastructure

About 70% of Tanzania’s land is cultivated by hoe, but commercial incentives offer hope

©Sam Vox

Interview: Reginald Mengi

One of Tanzania’s richest businesspeople sees hope for end to graft


Statist ways hold back progress

Business leaders think growth would be stronger with less bureaucracy

Region is one of the hottest for energy industry

Long road ahead to transform reservoirs into LNG shiploads

Donor-backed initiative to speed up reforms

‘Big Results Now’ seeks to solve government inefficiency

Three issues loom large in politics

A country used to peaceful acquiescence faces bumps ahead

Family businesses: Homegrown groups take on international giants

Private companies are expanding fast

Gold diggers find themselves in a deep hole

Hopes of a decade ago have given way to a sense of crisis

Scepticism over size of $1bn funding plan

The dollar-denominated issue targets investors flocking to Africa

Infrastructure: Power and port projects will ease energy supply and congestion

China leads the way but some question the price tag