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2013 report
illustration by Martin O’Neill of a person having ideas
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Firms take the lead on ideas

Collaboration and creativity help define the best work of the profession

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Revolutionary times

A significant theme of this year’s report is the speed of change facing companies

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Ensuring a done deal

Political pitfalls and unexpected legal snags can hold up a smooth takeover

Litigation: Heavyweight champions

With some notable victories over federal agencies, law firms are helping to shape reforms in the wake of the financial crisis

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On the paper trail

By streamlining their own processes, firms have been creating value for clients

Creative and proactive lawyers

The top 10 agents for change

Talent: Learn from experience

The need for firms to develop and refresh the skills of junior and senior associates is becoming intense, but has its costs

Central to enterprise

In-house lawyers can be essential in enabling innovation in business

Cracking the case

Fresh legal ideas can give new business concepts room to thrive

Novel solutions

Law firms sometimes have to come up with new and unusual ways to save companies from collapse or refinance them

Pioneer spirit across borders

Several imaginative corporate finance deals in Latin America have been a chance for law firms to showcase their range of skills


Leading and lagging

The submissions give an insight into some of the main business, regulatory and economic issues preoccupying America, writes Martin Dickson

Firms grow smarter on strategy

The top legal businesses have plotted moves that recognise the increased power – and demands – of clients, says Reena SenGupta

Profiles: Leading from the front

The top 10 agents for change

Corporate: Sweetening the pill

Law firms have skilfully identified ways to make sure that corporate mergers get the regulatory green light despite opposition, finds David Gelles

Intellectual property: Patent lore

Pharmaceutical groups are foremost among those that have needed help from law firms, says Richard Waters

Finance: Global jigsaw

From embattled firms to ailing economies, lawyers have played a critical role in restructuring, writes Paul Solman

Business of law: Firms fill gap in knowledge

Training and secondment are helping to keep lawyers off the rocks of uncertainty, says Caroline Binham

In-house: Overlapping spheres

Cross-functional groups and cost efficiencies are transforming legal teams, reports Reena SenGupta

Litigation: Trimming back the class-action monolith

Creative work is reversing a sharp rise in the scope of joint cases, finds Tracy Alloway

Energy: The next big idea

Novice global powers and the shale revolution are changing the energy landscape, says Ed Crooks

Lawyers to the innovators: Specialist needs

Law firms are increasingly helping clients shape their businesses in areas such as digital strategy and networking, says Sarah Murray