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Businesses in the sector are rarely thought of as being among those that are driving great technological change

Fossil fuel dominance still frames R&D debate

Businesses in the energy sector are rarely thought of as being among those that are driving great technological change, reports Guy Chazan

The Arctic: Drones find peacetime role in the frozen north

Pilita Clark reports on how pilotless craft can aid exploration

Marine power: Demand for offshore test beds increases

The momentum for alternative technologies is building, writes Michael Kavanagh

Power bills: Changes in corporate behaviour help control costs

Companies are all embracing efficiency measures as costs become more central to their strategies, says Sylvia Pfeifer

Fracking: Industry faces up to hurdle of water pollution

These are, potentially, exciting times for companies that can reduce the environmental risks and the waste, reports Ed Crooks

The Empire State Building

Reducing waste: Sky-high retrofit provides lessons

Ed Crooks looks at a $13m project to save energy at a famous landmark

Biomass: Nascent sector tipped to go mainstream despite doubts

Sylvia Pfeifer considers the debate over an industry governments are subsidising in order to meet climate change targets

Second generation: Producers weigh risks of untested fuels

Jessica Twentyman finds there is much at stake for anyone looking to invest in new forms of energy

Corn cobs

China focus: Policy makers tap unlikely sources to cut energy imports

Biofuels production is expected to grow 20% a year over the next three years, writes Leslie Hook

A helicopter hovers over a speeding boat

Wind farms: Turbines in deep waters make companies put safety first

An already risky business is even more dangerous in deep water, writes Michael Kavanagh

Entrepreneurship: Chinese turn attention to waste heat recovery

The country’s businessmen are now looking at more niche technologies that will help to meet its energy goals, says Leslie Hook