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Healthcare has been slower than other industries to feel the full force of digital technology. Change appears inevitable as an ageing global population puts health budgets under pressure. As big data promises a wealth of information that was previously not available, progressively illness care will become well care. This report assesses the digital future of healthcare.

Patients to play active role in digital future

The contours of a more efficient health landscape are slowly coming into view

In this July 12, 2012 photo, Centrum multivitamins are shown on the packaging line at the Pfizer plant in Montreal
©Graham Hughes/AP

Signs of a revival in drug development

US approvals of new medicines show significant increase

Systems grapple with information deluge

How to harness resources to patients’ advantage is one of the sector’s big challenges

spire device

Emphasis shifts from illness care to well care

Technology in development will help keep watch on how people are feeling between their visits to the doctor

Da Vinci Surgcal System

Surgeons turn to 3D and nanorobots to enhance human judgment and skill

Operating procedures are being transformed

McLaren’s mission control centre
©Patrick Gosling

McLaren aids GSK with racetrack expertise

F1 telemetry is being adapted to monitor patients

The electrical could replace the traditional

Body’s inner language may be key to range of treatment


India in frontline in battle over IP rights

Rulings on patents emerge as a significant source of friction between New Delhi and the US

Philips’s wind-up foetal heart rate monitor

Low technology carries Africa’s hopes

Outside companies are increasingly choosing to work with local partners to reflect local needs