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Innovation and commercialisation of research are key to future-proofing economic growth. But governments also realise that this must go hand in hand with new public-private partnerships

European scientists avoid cuts

EU to part with €80bn over the next seven years to fund research and innovation programme

Digital prize eludes wider economy

Despite the introduction of the internet, email and ecommerce, productivity has hardly risen

US scientists deplore ‘innovation deficit’

China is now in second place in the number of scientific papers published

Technology companies eye health market

Harnessing data may deliver more personalised healthcare and save money

October 2013

Government risks stifling bright ideas

Policy makers need to shape infrastructure and regulation


Cities and countries try to replicate the Northern California recipe

Patent reforms aim to protect and encourage progress

Changes welcome but groups fear abuse of system

UK system: Agency and government look for ways to compete

Choice in Europe is being offset in Britain by policy changes, tax breaks and increased efficiency


Battleground: Pressure grows to tackle litigious trolls blighting start-ups

The actions of these entities are nothing new

Patent wars unite US left and right

Democrats and Republicans work together to fight trolls

Manufacturing: Factory moves to the office

New technologies that transform the way products are developed and brought to market are just the start of changes to come

Finding an element of trust

A plea for more openness in policy making

Assessment: Gap between the best and the rest is increasing

Tables ranking countries for their innovation throw up surprises

Pharmaceuticals: Biosimilar drugs show the copycats keeping up with creators

A new market is opening up in complex generic biological drugs

Doctor prescribes boost for biomedicine

Partnerships keep research at the cutting edge

Kremlin seeks to monetise the field of science

Linking R&D to enterprise challenges the centralised state

Collaboration: University ties with industry offer mutually assured development

Changes to licensing intellectual property have given a fillip

Creativity is the mother of innovation

Government plans and education policies may stifle entrepreneurs

Big Brother goes underground

Moscow expands into the 21st century

Scottish innovation leads oil industry

Small and medium-sized UK enterprises provide the sector’s needs

Nanotechnology research drives global divide

The potential is huge, but only richer nations are currently reaping the benefits

MAY 2013

Five inventions waiting to happen

Paul Solman lists five inventions which could have big ramifications to the world economy and should be around the corner

Graphene sees growing investor opportunities

Companies rush to produce ‘miracle’ material

Kick-starting the engines of growth

How developed nations harness drivers such as entrepreneurship and technological innovation remains the key to economic prosperity

Web oils the wheels of progress

The internet has taken hold faster than many disruptive technologies, but its impact on industry and society is likely to be much deeper still


Carmakers dominate list of top innovators

Emission curbs and efficiency rules are seeing R & D levels soar

Tech’s crystal ball offers a hazy view

Current innovations are modest by historical standards

Upfront business school news and views

Long-hours culture; hashtags to watch; Russians come in from the cold

Societies thrive on the efforts of usurpers

Market leaders can always be forced to improve or even be ousted by the ingenuity of small outsiders

What Big Data means for business

Bavaria’s mix of tradition and innovation

Family-owned brewer took on bigger rivals

MIT’s Media Lab

Inside an airy glass building in Boston, the future is being invented. Clive Cookson takes an exclusive look at one of the world’s most exciting laboratories

Prepare students for the real world

Innovation and entrepreneurship have more value than fixed goals

Real innovation needed to juice returns

Jobs’ scorn of financial engineering may have led him to neglect his company’s mounting cash pile

Glasgow centre looks to DNA for therapy

Silicon Valley of the east?

Pune is becoming an Indian innovation hub with an increasingly global outlook

Business leaders embrace ‘digital’

Q&A: Gartner survey reveals chief executive’s plans for a digital future

Innovation in a competitive sector

Brawn GP and Red Bull rejected F1’s next big thing

Africa takes lead in mobile revolution

Swift rise of phone networks offers shortcut for development

MBA entrepreneurs think outside the box for beauty business

The founders of Birchbox integrated their start-up idea into their final courses at Harvard Business School

Bay Area universities team up to commercialise innovation

Stanford, Berkeley and UC San Francisco receive $3.75m science grant to promote entrepreneurship