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Scientific advances and unprecedented funding run up against political sensitivities and rising complacency

Biggest obstacle is human behaviour

In the fight against Aids, scientific advances and unprecedented funding run up against political sensitivities and rising complacency, writes Andrew Jack

Global Fund: Reforms offer chance of more support for regions in need

New leader Mark Dybul will oversee fresh grant system after board feud and anomalies in awards, writes Andrew Jack

Diagnostics: Technology offers hope for rich and poor

Speeding up market entry will help save thousands of lives, says Sarah Murray

Sisa Dyantyi (right) is a 'tracer'
©Susan Winters Cook

Tuberculosis: Death toll could be reduced by going after TB

Health experts see co-ordinating treatment as crucial, reports Andrew Jack

Treatment: Researchers explore avenues to flush out HIV

Stunning discoveries have revolutionised outcomes for patients but doctors say prevention is still best strategy, writes Alan Rappeport

Prevention: Pre-emptive strike to help stave off infection

Truvada has caused controversy but it has many benefits, says Sarah Murray

Research: Scientists turn attention to prevention and cure

Focus is on vaccines over antiretrovirals, writes Clive Cookson

Washington DC: US capital goes on campaign trail to tackle its epidemic

By raising HIV awareness, the city aims to lose its tag of being on a par with a developing country, reports Alan Rappeport

India: Budget shifts raise fear of lost momentum

Focus switches to general campaigns, says Amy Kazmin

Opinion: Change in attitude is needed to prevent unnecessary human tragedy

Leaderships in eastern Europe and central Asia remain silent on the epidemic, writes Michel Kazatchkine

Opinion: tolerance vital in ‘getting to zero’

Stigmatising people with HIV or Aids will only deepen the epidemic, writes Bertrand Audoin

World response to Aids needs new vigour

Poverty, inequality and repression worsen the HIV epidemic, write Anna Vassall, Michelle Remme, and Peter Piot