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Rohit Jaggi takes part in a record-setting high-speed flight between New York and London City
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This dedicated section provides exclusive content in words, pictures and video from FT specialists on the state of a fast-moving sector.

Faster is the focus for Gulfstream

Company boasts quicker long-range journeys

Rotorcraft industry plans for an easier ride

Upcoming projects aim at maximising existing technologies rather than radically new concepts


Market eyes civilian tilt-rotor helicopters

Commercial aviation aims to tap into the military’s demand for tilt-rotor aircraft

Wheels Up cuts private flying cost

With the world economy still enduring straightened times, some interesting alternatives to fractional ownership of private aircraft are developing

Rohit Jaggi test drives a Barron Aircraft for FT Wealth.

Beechcraft Baron shows best of old and new

The aircraft has changed significantly in many areas

Opinion: What’s holding up the development of electric aircraft?

With electric cars becoming more commonplace, manufacturers are trying to replicate that success for the aviation sector

Aerion banks on supersonic ambitions

Aviation company believes larger, longer-range model in line with industry trend will be more marketable

Comment: Budget penalises jet operators

A steep rise in air passenger duty for business jets deals a blow to the UK economy, says leading private aircraft executive

Airbus Helicopters takes safety concerns on board

The company’s latest innovations address the greater operational demands on pilots and craft

The business of catering for private aviation

The managing director of Alison Price On Air lists the benefits of an airborne culinary expertise

Chinese route approval requirement to end in December

Further relaxation of rules on private flights will benefit the non-airline aviation industry

Military aspirations for speed pave the way for civilian flight

Passenger transport has been stuck below the speed of sound since the demise of Concorde

Smaller jets approach end of turbulence

Larger aircraft are selling well, but makers of smaller business jets have reason to be optimistic too

India looks at the skies to relieve its transport system

The Indian aviation sector has a lot of room to grow in a country of 1.2bn people

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Serge Dassault’s legacy under threat

Octogenarian faces ever-growing list of personal problems

US aerospace groups cite mixed demand

Strong call from commercial customers as military demand declines

Beechcraft nears $1.4bn sale to Cessna owner

Deal would secure future after bankruptcy

End of the jumbo jet era approaches

Airlines now want midsized aircraft that are cheap to fly and easy to deploy

North America: Size matters in two-speed global market

Change in the marketplace is as much about economic demography as it is about the size of the aircraft, says Robert Wright

Charter: Rockin’ and flying all over the world

Charter Music stars reach for the skies as demand for live performances increases, writes Duncan Robinson

Looking for a shot of confidence

Global volatility is putting off buyers and deterring lenders yet the Brics do not hold the answers, write Rohit Jaggi and Rose Jacobs

Hawker Beechcraft: Industry expects jet division to be grounded

Robert Wright says company will focus on propeller aircraft after its bankruptcy

Finance: Mixed fortunes for jet buyers

There is a divergence between loans for big and small aircraft, says Rose Jacobs