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There is growing pressure across the world for more efficiency and innovation

Radical answers for tough times

Andrew Jack explains why there is growing pressure across the world for more efficiency and innovation

Wellness: The trouble with bad behaviour

Sarah Murray looks at obstacles to long-term change

Innovation: More bang for your buck is the priority

Sarah Neville reports on the struggle around the world to do more with less

Brazil: Mixed message of public-private partnerships

Critics argue that providers lack experience, says Henry Mance

India: Solution may lie in country’s make-do attitude

Neil Munshi considers the success of a decentralised system

Public insurance: Prospect raised of a safety net for billions of people

Martha Shanahan reports on global experiments to replace out-of-pocket spending

Advances in IT: Elementary, my dear Watson

The answer to more efficiency may lie in the next generation of technology, explains April Dembosky

US reforms: Court ruling is no cure for uncertainty

New questions have been raised by the decision to uphold the administration’s sweeping legislation, says Alan Rappeport

Non-communicable diseases: Lifestyle conditions increase the pain

Andrew Jack finds poor diet and habits are adding to the challenges of treating chronic complaints

Infectious diseases: Innovation can still be a matter of life or death

Pandemics prompt fresh activity but many challenges remain, writes Andrew Jack