Green Technology

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- There are many ways for cities to be cleaner and greener

- Pros and cons of government aid

Overview: Industry searches for clean break from past

Innovation thrives and the business case is clear but official support is critical, writes Sarah Murray

Audio slideshows

Green Technology: California forging a green future
Fewer, higher quality start-ups expected
Green Technology: how Iceland is becoming a green hotspot
State-owned national generator plans to double its energy output

Big groups struggle to bring ideas to fruition

Sarah Murray finds that a mix of models is being deployed

Government role: Carrot and stick approach supports but can distort

Official incentives have their pros and cons, writes Sarah Murray

solar panels on a roof

Venture capital: Patience a virtue in hunt for ‘green Google’

There are no quick exits for investors in the sector, reports Felicity Carus

Entrepreneurs: Dotcom and IT stars return as green pioneers

Jonathan Moules on the potential for start-ups to flourish

Local initiatives: Cities take big steps to trim carbon footprints

George Cole finds that innovations are saving money and helping the environment

ZenRobotics picker

Recycling: Smart ideas will not go to waste as demand rises

Sue Beenstock looks at the latest ways to discourage landfill

Water: smart ways to reduce stress levels

Huge amounts of money are forecast to be spent on water scarcity solutions, improvements to aging infrastructure and treatment technologies, writes Rod Newing

Analytics: Numbers game is hard to play

Measuring the right data is crucial, says Rod Newing

Developing world: Small-scale innovation brings vital help to poor communities

Sarah Murray on systems that go beyond technology

Case study: IndiGo brings light in the darkness

Launched by Eight19, a solar technology company, IndiGo is a pay-as-you-go, personal solar electricity system for communities without access to the power grid, writes Sarah Murray.

Case study 2: Tata Swach water purifier

The product combines natural materials with high-tech ones, writes Sarah Murray

Design software: helping industry go green

Increasingly, manufacturers are looking at improving a product’s environmental performance at the design stage, writes Stephen Pritchard

Case study: How meter maker designed the ‘Pebble’

Electronic modelling ensured that every aspect of the ecoMeter’s design, from plastic part weight to self consumption, could be examined with efficiency in mind, writes Stephen Pritchard