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Greece will emerge this year from an unprecedented six-year recession, according to projections by the European Union and International Monetary Fund. Yet without a pick-up in the pace of structural reform, the recovery could prove fragile

Signs of revival after six years of pain

Confidence is slowly returning but hurdles still loom ahead

Coalition faces critical chapter in its life

With a wafer-thin majority, every vote on reforms agreed with the ‘troika’ has become a cliff-hanger

Tony Barber

Reform path still has long way to go

Tony Barber: ‘If these efforts falter, the suffering of the past five years will not have been worthwhile’

Shoppers in central Athens, Greece
©Charlie Bibby

Concerns linger on sustainability of growth

Business confidence is at a six-year high but more needs to be done to make the recovery enduring

Credit expansion and loan quality are priorities for banks

The European Central Bank’s upcoming stress tests are focusing minds

Cheaper debt marks change in fortunes on capital markets

After the woes of four years ago, sentiment among investors has turned

Entrepreneurs win funds for start-ups

Young technology innovators are using the home market as a springboard for global success

A Coco-Mat bed set at the middle of an al fresco, seaside bedroom

Exports bolster progress at Coco-Mat

The mattress maker plans to grow fast over the next five years as it expands its prodcut range and customer base

Drive upmarket as visitor numbers soar

Projects such as the €6bn Hellenikon development point to a brighter future for the tourism industry

Expansion back on flight plan at Aegean Airlines

After buying rival Olympic at a knockdown price, the revived carrier has bold plans to double routes out of Athens by 2017, supporting tourism

Philanthropic donors step in to assist the victims of austerity

In spite of some help, NGOs are reporting worsening poverty and a funds drought