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As the developed world recovers from the financial crisis consumers are regaining confidence. Social media groups join the top 100 global ranking as brands that are part of daily life and can help decide perceptions of traditional names gain ground

Google pips Apple in popularity

Companies that are part of our lives dominate the top 100 global brands

Social media on upwardly mobile path

Almost a fifth of the top 100 are technology groups

Apparel sellers add value with store revamps

High street chains boost brand values by emulating luxury sector with new-look flagship stores

Nike sees gold in fitness data

The company is focusing on wearable sports technology software rather than the accessories themselves

Professional golfer Rickie Fowler takes a ride in Red Bull Air Race pilot Kirby Chambliss's Zivko Edge 540 plane at the Flying Crown Ranch in Eloy, Arizona, USA
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Advertising demands a leap of faith

Promotions often seek to be stories in themselves

The power of peer-to-peer puts the corporate persuaders in their place

Brand management needs to keep evolving

High-speed broadband boosts BT

Network investment sets up company for pay-TV launch

the McKebab in Israel

McDonald’s global footprint remains the envy of the industry

An ability to adapt to changing customer needs has helped secure a top 10 spot