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More than half the brands that featured in the BrandZ top 100 global ranking a decade ago still feature today. But technology brands are tightening their grip at the expense of consumer goods.

How the fickle become faithful

The shifting digital landscape can be frustrating

Amazon, Starbucks, Ikea and Nike

Tech groups lead game of snakes and ladders

Rise and fall: Digital ventures have strengthened their grip on the top 100 rankings

a Leicester City fan shows off his Premier League winner’s badge
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Can Leicester City become a global brand?

Fairytale football champions face the challenge of cashing in on surprise Premiership triumph

YouTuber Lilly Singh speaks onstage during YouTube Brandcast presented by Google on May 5, 2016 in New York City
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How to win friends and influence people

A hundred endorsers with 1,000 followers each can convey a message better than one big celebrity

Alibaba can turn fakes crisis into opportunity

A tale of high emotions and animosity between brand owners and the world’s largest online platform

Five lessons brands can learn from sports scandals

Corruption, doping and match-fixing do not have to spell disaster for a brand

Virtual reality catches brand attention

Advertisers look beyond the novelty value of branding through immersive headsets

How banks can pull back from the brink

Marketing chiefs at HSBC, Wells Fargo and Citigroup reflect on the 2008 financial crisis

PayPal wants to be more than a last resort

The payments provider sees a ‘multi-app strategy’ as a way of gaining customer loyalty


How the research arrived at its ranking of the 100 most valuable global brands


Apple’s core business adds value

Times may be difficult for some companies, but big technology groups are booming

World’s most valuable brand is Apple

Tencent, Facebook and Alibaba are fighting hard to close the gap

Shifting trends hurt big US retailers

China’s booming electronic commerce market helps Alibaba take the top retail spot

Salvaging the reputations of banks

After the banks, attention is now shifting to insurers

Consumers turn away from luxury goods

Radical rethink sees store numbers fall and ecommerce take their place

‘Customer avengers’ can hurt companies

When a complaint goes viral, it can cause considerable damage

German automotive trio feel the heat

Audi vies with BMW and Mercedes to be the top premium carmaker, but outsiders are poised to compete

Consumers turn to healthy brands

Greasy burgers, fries and fizzy drinks take a pounding as consumers switch to healthier foods

Shift from young to old demands rethink

Brands must go where the numbers are, and that means trading young for old


How the 100 most valuable global brands were ranked