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Old alliance gives west a chance for final stand

Old alliance gives west a chance for final stand

The nations at the G8 summit still form a big enough bloc to shape the global trading and regulatory environment

Global ambitions: Opinions converge in favour of more open trade

Efforts are afoot to remove regulatory barriers, writes James Politi

Havens crackdown: Momentum builds for tax transparency

Public anger is forcing governments to act, reports Vanessa Houlder

Growth prospects: Long-term legitimacy requires ability to set economic example

Outlook will give attendees much to chew over

Opinion: Pressure builds on leaders to show they can still shape events

If they cannot agree among themselves, a last opportunity to modernise the international order will be lost, writes Philip Stephens

Mining: Fight against mineral rights abuse is high on agenda

Extractive industry faces demands for greater transparency, says Michael Kavanagh

Northern Ireland focus: Titanic success raises hopes for tourism

Greater political stability is offering opportunities to rebalance a struggling economy, reports Jamie Smyth

Students outside Queen's University

Northern Ireland focus: IT crowd attracts foreign interest

Province punches above its weight in industry terms, reports Carol Ryan

Northern Ireland focus: Farmers aim to cream profits from milk sales

Moves are under way to take advantage of increasing demand, writes Carol Ryan