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The global population is expected to grow to around 9bn by 2050. At the same time, climate change is wreaking havoc on farming methods, and countries are struggling to address both malnutrition and obesity. How will governments and the food industry respond to the challenges of feeding the world in 2016?

Future of farming depends on technology

To cope with population increase, agriculture must become smarter and less wasteful

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Maize farmers’ struggle to resist GM
How to produce food among the skyscrapers
Looking for the next technological advancement to feed a growing population

Fat, sugar or meat — which is safe to eat?

Nutritionists expiate saturated fat, the dietary villain of the past, but unite against sugar

Mexican courts debate end of GM maize ban

Opponents say introduction of transgenic species could erode biodiversity and hurt small farmers

Obesity surge drives debate on sin taxes

Governments and the food industry are under pressure to curb unhealthy consumer habits

Asia races to find drought-resistant rice

Success of a flood-proof rice variety gives researchers hope as climate stress worsens

The task of tackling global food waste

A third of all sustenance produced for human consumption is lost or wasted

Mergers on menu for food and drink sector

Rivals left playing catch-up after $62bn ketchup maker deal between Heinz and Kraft

Food prices fall despite climate concerns

El Niño has caused havoc but ample commodity supplies have kept prices low