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The global population is expected to increase by 2bn people by 2050. The prospect of feeding them is one of the biggest challenges facing policy makers and the global food industry

Produce more and waste less

Some experts believe enough food is produced for everyone. The real problems are poor distribution and wastefulness, they say

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Food fraud proves difficult to predict
Small crops in ancient waterways
Our interactive graphic shows how food production has increased

Farmers face up to climate change

Volatility can affect crops and prices

Agriculture: biotech advances fail to convince GM’s critics

Resistance movement has strong political support

Gulf states strive for self-sufficiency

Reliance on imports leaves oil producers vulnerable despite their great wealth

Raj Patel

Comment: ‘Sovereignty’ is the next big idea

Countries must assert control over food supplies and some are already adopting right measures, says Raj Patel

Policymakers face resistance to sugar curbs

Lobbyists and industry are at odds over clarity on packaging

Supply chains: safety scares put consumers on alert

Retailers want more audits and stricter rules on outsourcing

David Lea-Wilson makes Halen Môn sea salt on Anglesey

Demand rises for locally produced food

Small producers benefit from scandals

A Hereford calf at Rush Farm

Family farms seek secure futures

Organic production: local enterprises try new and sustainable ways to stay in business


Enough to go round but millions still starve

Governments, the industry and NGOs are starting to work together to redress critical global food imbalances, reports Louise Lucas

Co-operatives: Ethical and practical concerns drive efforts to assist suppliers

Producers see the benefits of growers banding together, says Andrew Bounds

Ethical sourcing: Business works with NGOs for the common good

Industry has come to realise the value of respecting growers, says Louise Lucas

Infrastructure: Controversy dogs farmers’ steps to meet rising demand

Louise Lucas says improved working methods are key to better productivity, but not everyone agrees on how achieve them

Opinion: Now is the time for action

The challenges of food security are complex, immense, frightening and urgent, writes Paul Polman

Mobile devices: Phones give farmers an edge when in the field

Different applications are helping agricultural workers make decisions while outdoors, says Jessica Twentyman

Climate: Growers and supermarkets face challenge of worsening weather

Drought and floods have played havoc with this year’s crop, says Andrea Felsted

Certification: Coffee needs to be served with credentials

These days, consumers, farmers and roasters are all behind the new boom in sustainable production, says Sarah Murray

Food agencies: Demand for nimbler ways to battle hunger

Donors have called for UN bodies to be more efficient, says Sarah Murray

Scientific contributions: Report calls for more use of research to improve crops

UK agriculture lacks ‘blue skies’ thinking it once had, says Charles Batchelor