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Traditional automakers find their business models under attack from a host of assailants. This report considers these problems, how they threaten carmakers and how the world’s motor companies are rallying to respond

Combustion era goes up in smoke

Tomorrow’s vehicles will be defined by new technology and the sharing economy

Charlie Miller with the car he has figured out how to hack on July, 21, 2015
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Cyber hackers turn gaze to connected autos

Vital information housed in vehicles will be the target for technology-savvy criminals

the BMW augmented reality display at work

Expect orders to wake up and smell the coffee

New systems will target driver distraction to reduce accident numbers

Cloud over diesel and petrol

Carmakers may find big changes simply unavoidable as emission deadlines loom

Battery power: Tesla’s Model X SUV

Fuel replacements jostle on start line

The pros and cons of the main runners in the dash to replace old favourites

Carmakers’ bumpy road to electric success

Automakers dither over how to raise young buyers’ interest as new rivals enter market

Automation puts focus on ‘soft skills’

Robots will destroy some automotive jobs, but new careers will emerge

Materials vie for lightweighting pole position

There is no single answer to the problem of how to make vehicles weigh less

Cars pass along an elevated road in Shanghai May 10, 2010
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Automakers spy hazards ahead

Technological and regulatory demands force manufacturers to invest as vehicle sales face difficult times

Jinyao Desandies (right) and Dandre Desandies (left) plug the Tesla Supercharger into their Tesla Model S sedan outside of the Tesla Factory on August 16, 2013 in Fremont, California
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Hydrogen and electric vehicles battle for supremacy

Lack of recharging points poses threat

Younger generation stops buying cars

Car sharing schemes are expected to expand rapidly

Heads up on augmented reality displays

Windscreens take on a life of their own and could increase people’s faith in driverless cars

China chooses German partner to build mobile driving network

Plan to develop operating system could generate big profits

Commentary: Sleek hybrids are likely to be the future of motoring – at least for now

Carmakers need to play on the emotions of potential buyers, says Rohit Jaggi

Strong relationships and solid records boost Asian battery manufacturers

It can take years of testing before automakers are comfortable with new products

Automatic brakes will help save lives

Improvements to vehicle safety seen as aiding the EU reduction in fatalities

Cost of electric vehicles outweighs their ‘green’ credentials

Manufacturers need to flag up eco benefits

Connected cars raise privacy worries

Rush to add cutting-edge technology could be a security minefield