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These specially selected articles, originally published in the FT this year, show a chastened banking industry that is more tightly regulated, higher capitalised and less global

Chastened banks called to account for sins of the past

Many are still asking whether enough has been done to stop another financial crisis


illustration by Martin O’Neill of dollar and renminbi ©Martin O’Neill
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Departure of Bond King is seismic shift for investing

The exit of Bill Gross from Pimco tames a sector where wild was good

Will a return of market volatility revive banks’ trading businesses?

Tighter rules have humbled the once mighty traders

Joe Cummings illustration: Ana Patricia Botín

A worldly scion of Spanish finance picks up the torch

The daughter of the late Santander chief was singled out for the job from an early age

Big banks are giving up on their global ambitions

Local rivals are giving large groups a run for their money

Fudged bank stress tests leave big problems in the eurozone

Radical measures are required to restore the banking sector to health

Alternative finance steps out of the shadows

As traditional banks shed assets, other institutions have moved to take their place as lenders

Minouche Shafik, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England.
©Charlie Bibby

City faces more than ‘a few bad apples’

Stricter rules are promised in a blistering attack on past conduct

‘Death spiral’ is a myth to perpetuate high pay

Letter from Robert Pickering, former chief executive, Cazenove

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Pimco: ‘Bonds are meant to be boring’

What Bill Gross’s exit means for the industry and the company he left behind

Finance: The FICC and the dead

Banks’ once-mighty trading businesses are humbled. Will a return of volatility to the markets revive them?

Ana Botín, a scion of Spanish finance picks up the torch

The daughter of the late Santander chief was primed for the job from youth, writes Patrick Jenkins

Banks scale back global ambitions

Failure to achieve scale or profit forces lenders close retail operations in many countries

Rescue measures for stagnant eurozone

Bank stress tests an unconvincing fudge and big problems remain

Taking another path

Shadow banking offers potential benefits and challenges as it goes mainstream

City facing more than ‘a few bad apples’

Scandals like forex probe rubbing salt in wounds, says BoE deputy

Death spiral is a myth to perpetuate high pay

From Mr Robert Pickering. Sir, Like many of his shareholders, I was dismayed when Antony Jenkins, Barclays’ chief executive, came out with the tired old cliché