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After another eventful year, one thing is clear — the world is still a long way from returning to normal after the crash of 2008. This special report draws on some of the FT’s best financial coverage of 2015 to reflect the top themes of the year

Bankers strain against shackles

The financial world is way off recovering from the crash of 2008

Beijing scraps large-scale stock buying

Authorities to step up crackdown on those ‘destabilising’ market

Ingram Pinn illustration

Greek debt and a default of statesmanship

Creating the eurozone is its members’ second-worst monetary idea, a break-up the worst

Financial danger of trusting risk models

Failure to imagine the possibility the Swiss franc’s euro peg would end is rank incompetence

Square: Round hole

As long as company’s niche remains in payments infrastructure, Silicon Valley party can continue

Banking under attack on all sides

In the first of a series, the FT looks at the turmoil and decline of the banking industry

Hayes conviction a big victory for SFO

Agency risked reputation in pursuing Libor case against trader

Financial world can move on from crisis

Many bankers had given up hope of a normalised operating environment, writes Patrick Jenkins