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A selection of some of the finest writing on finance in the FT this year, from bankers retraining after recent scandals to the evangelists who want to build a ‘Bitcoin economy’ that bypasses the financial establishment - and even what the birth of Prince George tells us about Britain’s rentier society. The original stories are republished here.

Leaders in spotlight as picture brightens

Even amid recovery, the 2008 credit crisis still claims scalps


illustration by Martin O’Neill of dollar and renminbi ©Martin O’Neill
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Five years on, Lehman still haunts us

The bank’s collapse was but a symptom of a crisis caused by the poisoning of the financial system

Business Life: Bank school illustration

Bankers go back to the classroom

Retraining is a priority but it takes more than good intentions to change corporate culture

Ingram Pinn illustration
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Banks and utilities must adapt to new rules

Rather than complaining, they should keep explaining, make their case and keep it simple

Josh Rossi, Jonathan Mohan, Jonathan Warren
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Evangelism unites Bitcoin believers

Proponents see a chance to get rich but authorities and the financial establishment remain wary

SAC Capital prepares for a second life

The Wall Street hedge fund is expected to convert to managing the Cohen family’s money

Twitter’s debut stimulates Silicon Valley

The social messaging group is set to become catalyst for a new technology investment mania

Austria flag

Austria’s 97 years of loss offer lessons

Ever-present biases in market point to possible strategy for investment success

It makes little sense but I’m a eurofanatic

Making the case for the EU is best done on the basis of geopolitics, not economic efficiency

Britain’s rentier society fit for a royal

Never mind education, hard work or getting a good job – having the right ancestors matters

Chinese banks’ bad loans hint at trouble

Impairments may be preparation for a bumpier road ahead

‘Hot money’ stays sticky in India

Foreign investors keep faith with leading Indian companies

Brazil finally escapes the samba clichés

A more realistic vision of the country may now emerge, writes John Paul Rathbone

Nigeria Stock Exchange cleans up its act

The bourse’s chief executive is regaining investor confidence