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The capital of the United Kingdom has welcomed migrants since Roman times and now this business and arts hub prepares to host one of the biggest sporting events in the world

A life less ordinary

Is emigration alluring or alienating? Being an expat can seem thrilling and exotic, but moving to a strange country can also be a wrenching experience. By Edwin Heathcote

Open for business and pleasure

The view of Samuel Johnson that ‘when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life’ still holds true for today’s expatriates, writes James Pickford

FT view from Londo

Audio slideshow: The capital of the world

A shortage of affordable housing and the notorious weather have not diminished the commercial and cultural appeal of ‘the best big city’ on Earth

Gallic expats find home comforts in London

UK business culture attracts entrepreneurs

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All work and some play

Singapore’s all-business culture is changing, making the city a more fun place to live, writes

FT View From Singapore

Audio slideshow: Diverse, not dull

The ease of doing business combined with a multi-ethnic population has produced Asia’s fastest-growing trading hub

Singapore vies to become commodities hub

City state challenges regional rivals for supremacy

Gove embraces Singapore model

Bid to mimic high-performing education system

Singapore growth surpasses estimates

Warning of ‘increased uncertainty’ from euro crisis


Johannesburg booms in modern gold rush

The country’s largest city has left its mining past behind to become an African business hub, writes Andrew England

Audio slideshow: Opposites attract

A history of attracting a wide variety of migrant labour has made Johannesburg the diverse commercial capital of the country

Aquarius halts mining after platinum falls

Miner cites rising costs, sluggish demand and price volatility

Zuma painting reveals SA tensions

Young democracy grapples with furore over artwork

Art district: Park life

David Kaufman reports on the steady transformation of Johannesburg from crime capital into capital of culture


Steamy city beguiles for a limited time

The endless bustle of the tropical, sprawling south-east Asian metropolis makes it a career stopover rather than a lifelong destination for many expats

Audio slideshow: A friendly business hub

Good infrastructure and the locals’ naturally affable nature make the city a great place from which to conduct operations, reports Simon Roughneen

Bangkok by bike

The gridlocked streets of the Thai capital might seem poorly suited to cycling but a two-wheeled tour is the ideal way to explore

Foreign groups push to get Thai business moving

Country remains a preferred manufacturing location


Desert city is affordable safe haven

Dubai’s popularity among expats rises again, despite the government’s debt woes, writes Simeon Kerr

Audio slideshow: Beyond endless shopping

Simeon Kerr says the Gulf state with a very large expat population that is becoming a regional hub

Dubai’s debts: getting there?

In November 2009, Dubai was plunged into crisis. What a difference two years makes

Dubai’s new-found optimism anchored by debt

The $100m QE2 remains a visible symbol of emirate’s financial woes


The great language leap

Shanghai’s diverse architecture and multicultural past obscures the fact that foreigners who are not fluent in Mandarin can find it hard to fit in, writes Josh Noble

Audio slideshow: Where China bends to meet the world

Josh Noble explores the hard-working metropolis that boasts a long international history

Expat lives: China fever

The buzz of Shanghai where he could use his marketing skills lured Ed Dean, a former advertising executive, away from London in 2003

Stern to be first NYU school to launch degree in Shanghai

The business school leads the charge into China with a masters degree in business analytics


The city that came in from the cold

Charles Clover finds loyal friendships and a vibrant cultural scene await expats who survive Moscow’s frosty reception – and traffic

Audio slideshow: Life on the edge of history

The Russian capital can be maddening, mysterious and rewarding, says Charles Clover

An American pioneer in Russia

Media magnate plans to capitalise on west’s mistakes

Emerging markets offer expats top dollar

Thinking of moving abroad? If accumulating wealth is your goal, consider Russia, Singapore and the Gulf states

Buenos Aires

Creative buzz cushions culture shock

The city’s energy and the generosity of its inhabitants cancel out small inconveniences for those who have relocated to Buenos Aires, writes Jude Webber

Audio slideshow: Seamless blend of tradition and opportunity

Buenos Aires lures expats with a combination of history and dynamism, says Jude Webber

Expat lives: Surreal El Salvador

Ken Baker, founder of an NGO for economic empowerment in Central America, talks about his stay in the regional darling of the US

Property: Panamania

New housing aimed at young expats, scientific researchers and film-makers is revising Panama’s reputation as an easy-going tropical retirement haven

Hong Kong

A small step east

Three immigrants found it easy to adapt to Hong Kong’s multicultural vibe

Audio slideshow: Big opportunities in little China

Expats describe how they adjusted to the Hong Kong lifestyle

The hardship post in expat paradise

Austerity, Hong Kong-style, begins to bite

China headcount to overtake UK at top firms