Foreign Exchange

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Limited access to the renminbi means it is unlikely to become the global unit of choice soon.
Despite poor performance , no rivals have emerged to challenge the US dollar’s supremacy

Diversity adds credibility to the boom

continuing development at the Docklands area
©Daniel Lynch

Foreign investors spent more in London than in any other European country in 2012, says Ed Hammond

Admiralty Arch
©Rosie Hallam

Prestige properties: Trophy hunters on track for good returns

Esoteric asset class offers a combination of security and yield, says Ed Hammond

Rafael Viñoly's 'Walkie Talkie' at 20 Fenchurch Street
©Daniel Lynch

Skyscrapers fall short when it comes to style

Are tower designers missing the finer points of their craft? By Edwin Heathcote

Retail: Luxury sector is robust in face of a national crisis

Exciting brands and wealthy tourists are key factors, writes Andrea Felsted

an aerial shot of London with impressions of completed skyscrapers, such as the Scalpel

Asia investors: Wave of equity shows no signs of losing its strength

An inflow of capital that has increased since 2009 has reached fresh highs as the sources of incoming cash have broadened, writes Ed Hammond


Residential: Eurozone crisis ignites enthusiasm of buyers

Experts say the market has yet to reach its peak, writes Ed Hammond

Offices in the city of London
©Daniel Lynch

Financial heartland: Change of inhabitants transforms City

An influx of technology businesses is reshaping the Square Mile, writes Ed Hammond

The changing face of London’s White City, home of the BBC

What was once a site for imperial exhibitions and home of the BBC is being transformed for the 21st century, writes Edwin Heathcote

London Stock Exchange foyer
©Rosie Hallam

Second impressions: In the lobbies of London business buildings

The foyers of some business buildings are often of interest for their own sakes, containing historical, architectural or artistic gems

Central and eastern europe

Faultline separates north and south

Economic crisis has served to highlight central European differences, reports Jan Cienski

Road improvements drive central European logistics deals

Better connections improve prospects for business, reports Jan Cienski

Retail: Central Europe’s shopping mall boom fades

Traditional high streets are recovering, says Katka Krosnar

Outsourcing: Businesses go east to offshore costly services

Jan Cienski finds the sector is boosting the region’s office market

Poland: Warsaw’s commerce keeps its strength

Jan Cienski says the capital city remains region’s best performer

Banks: Loans caution takes toll of developments

Financial institutions remain skittish about the property market, reports Jan Cienski

Residential renaissance: Developers turn to arts for survival

Kester Eddy investigates a cultured response to the housing market collapse

Investment: Czechs reap benefits of rival’s slowing economy

The republic has stepped into the spotlight, reports Katka Krosnar

Profile: CEE-based developer says market has ‘probably exceeded expectations’

Brian Patterson, recipient of this year CEEQA Lifetime Achievement Award, has no regrets about building a career in the region

Profile: TriGranit chief upbeat over prospects

Sandor Demjan, founder of the successful construction company, says focusing on quality delivers results, writes Kester Eddy

March issue

Time arrives for different finance mix

Polarisation provokes competition for best assets and huge opportunities in neglected parts, says Ed Hammond

Regulation: Higher capital requirements raise cost of lending

Many institutions are looking to reduce their exposure to real estate, reports Brooke Masters

Secondary meltdown: Prime assets stay central to demand

Recovery in peripheral markets is a long way off, writes Ed Hammond

Banks: Innovative financing set to fill lending vacuum

Ed Hammond reports on alternatives to traditional sources of capital

Institutions: Moneymakers see the benefits of more risk

David Oakley finds some pension funds starting to switch out of government bonds

Retail space: Crisis on the UK high street

One store in six could be left empty this year, writes Andrea Felsted

Residential: Everyone needs somewhere to live

Institutions are considering a return to former role as landlords, writes Ed Hammond

Guest column: Sir George Iacobescu

Rule of law is central to London’s safe haven status

Dubai spotlight: Investors find real estate runes hard to read

Camilla Hall reports on the emirate’s rollercoaster property market