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With the proliferation in recent years of multifamily offices, private and investment banks with their own ‘family offices’, not to mention hedge funds that have mysteriously morphed into family offices, the term has become extremely confusing

Expansion of industry leads to blurring of distinctions

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The term ‘family office’ has become generic, so is apt to cause confusion

Edward Collins, CIO of Hanson Family Holdings

Commentary: Multiple-client deals at a premium but one size does not fit all

Even if you are well connected in a sector and a region, good direct deals are hard to find, writes Jeremy Hazlehurst

Catherine Grum of the Salamanca Group

Economies of scale play against bespoke touch

Banks expand offices while smaller firms promote expertise in handling complex client needs

Benedikt von Michel, chief investment officer, JMH Asset Management
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Nimbleness and focus provide an edge

Remaining one step ahead of the pack is central to the success of a single family office

Investors prefer to have more control

Direct investing is on the rise, but is it really the best option?

Cary Grant, left, stars as the angel who helps David Niven in the family office in 'The Bishop’s Wife'

Rewards are high but so is the commitment

Finding staff with the right experience and attitude can be tricky

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Familiarity promotes a certain way of doing business

Encouraging customers to diversify can be difficult