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Regulators are using powerful algorithms to spot market manipulation. Meanwhile, we look at how Brexit may affect European trading

What market response to Brexit tells us

While more trading is being carried out electronically, humans still have a role to play


Amsterdam’s status as a leading electronic trading hub is under threat by the UK’s withdrawal from the EU
Hear the views of participants at a recent derivatives conference in London

Clearing rules block derivatives users

Regulations brought in to help shore up the derivatives market are unintentionally impeding users

Citadel adds phone trading to Europe push

US group targets fixed income as banks retreat

Regulators turn to AI to combat spoofing

Algorithms have been developed that can spot incidences of market manipulation

Opening China’s markets a matter of time

Decision by MSCI not to list A-shares is a minor setback

Diversity push drives SGX-Baltic tie-up

The Asian bourse had just one significant IPO last year and is losing ground to regional competitors


Market confidence shaken by violent swings

Trust among participants is key to ensuring the effective working of markets

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Millennials put faith in nimble platforms

Wooing America’s largest demographic is the key to financial success

Technology changes the nature of violations

Disruptive dealing can result in a severe penalty as regulators begin to catch up

Market aftershocks hit Shanghai, Shenzhen

China puts brakes on rate of IPOs to shore up demand for shares

Borsa Istanbul has ambitious expansion plan

Regional exchange aims to exploit its position between Europe and Asia

Excitement over Hong Kong exchange abates

Links with mainland produce opportunities but poor performance

London whale reveals watchdogs’ dilemmas

US derivatives regulator admitted it missed the calamity

Markets planning for a world after the day of the Mifid

Implementation of the rules will be a significant headache for banks

The long, winding road to an audit trail

Five years on, plans for consolidated tracking systems are still mere proposals

Blockchain promises a ledger revolution

A look at how transaction database technology can deliver greater efficiency and transparency


Trading industry strives to find its form

Low volatility, new rivals and onerous rules are taking their toll

Shrinking margins and higher costs drive down returns

Banks are already cutting jobs but may have to alter their business models permanently to counter growing disruption

Oil price swings come too late for banks who made desk cutbacks

Volatility may fuel revival in trading but regulation bears down

Search for liquidity tests corporate bond market

As banks retreat amid volatile conditions, electronic platforms are focusing on larger deals

China’s reforms boost integration with global markets

Modernisation of the financial system has been swiftest in areas such as swaps and commodity futures

Interview: Per Sjöberg, chief executive, TriOptima

A simple but highly efficient approach to managing risk

NSEL bourse scandal highlights shortcomings

The incident has raised deeper concerns about the standards of oversight by India’s regulators

Jobs Act to simplify capital raising boosts crowdfunding

Incumbent exchanges are also taking advantage of the reforms

Clearing house members fear they may have to stump up in case of a failure

Current recovery plans could place an unacceptable burden on investors

Start-ups making waves in Chicago’s derivatives industry

Broader technological trends are bringing down the cost of entry for financial technology companies