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Europe has long had some of the world’s most ambitious climate change targets, giving the EU authority in the long-running UN climate talks

EU stuck on horns of ‘trilemma’

Energy supplies need to be secure, affordable and not raise emissions

Coal resurgence darkens Germans’ green image

Europe’s leading economy might no longer be able to claim moral high ground

Heavy manufacturers warn over burden of costs in EU policy

Opinion is divided on what risk green policies pose to jobs

Opinion: A union in search of a solution

The EU is to give its energy and climate policies a reboot — and about time too

This picture taken on September 28, 2015 shows a general view of the nuclear power plant and the dome of the nuclear reactor "Flamanville 1", in Flamanville, northwestern France
©Charly Triballeau/AFP/Getty Images

Tale of woe in French nuclear sector

Europe’s torchbearer for atomic power has created problems for politicians to solve

Oil-rich Norway in vanguard of fossil fuel divestment argument

Campaigners are adopting a two-pronged approach to tackling polluting industries

Employees of ERDF (Electricity Network Distribution France) and Louis Dreyfus company install an electric submarine cable and optical fiber between Quiberon and Belle-Ile-en-mer, western France, on March 11, 2015
©Jean-Sebastien Evrard/AFP/Getty Images

Ambitious cable projects prove vital to Europe’s energy security

Plans to extend the exchange of power across north-west Europe are under way

The Oseberg A offshore gas platform operated by Statoil ASA stands in the Oseberg North Sea oil field 140kms from Bergen, Norway, on Friday, Jan. 17, 2014
©Kristian Helgesen/Bloomberg

North Sea operators stung by turn in tide

Companies are struggling to protect the basin’s economic appeal


EU seeks alternative suppliers

As Europe’s biggest supplier of oil, coal and natural gas, Moscow has flexed its political and economic muscle. The continent is now learning to fight back

A photo taken on September 30, 2014 shows barbed wire set near an underground gas storage in the village of Opari, some 70 kms south-west from Lviv
©Yuriy Dyachyshyn/AFP

Europe aims to wean itself off Russian gas

Infrastructure improvements are no substitute for diversified supplies

Pipeline politics flow both ways

President Putin faces a dilemma: his country would be badly hurt by turning off supplies to Europe

The great ‘cold rush’ may bring prosperity – but at what price?

The ice may be melting fast, but Greenland’s Arctic waters remain some of the most hostile and inaccessible anywhere

Several factors conspire to increase fossil fuel use

Coal is cheap but its use is hard to reconcile with plans to cut carbon emissions

Politics helps drive France’s newfound commitment to renewables

Critics say shutting down nuclear plants would not make economic sense

Hostility limits growth of fracking in Europe

Progress towards establishing whether the continent can follow in North America’s footsteps is at a snail’s pace

EU warms to the potential efficiencies of district heating

Scandinavia offers a model for using excess power station heat

Germany’s burdensome shift to renewables

Old infrastructure needs dismantling, while distribution grids must be built

Clean energy proves a costly exercise for Germany

Businesses and consumers are paying a high price

Search for new business models as losses mount

Political uncertainty creates problems for companies such as Vattenfall

Simple solutions lead to a greener future

Saving energy cuts costs for industry and helps solve the climate change equation