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Red tape dogs the increased utilisation of renewable energy sources in Europe

Integration takes a blustery path

Red tape dogs the increased utilisation of renewable sources

Germany: Wind power hits turbulence

Efforts are being made to speed the planning process as the country moves to renewable energy

German grids restored to public ownership

Utilities squeezed by a transition to renewable energy

North Sea: Britain and Norway prepare for costly exploits

Improved oversight recommended as way to optimise investments

oil rig

BP to restart North Sea gasfield

It will be six to nine months before the platform is fully operational

Commentary: EU list of failings on low carbon is getting longer

‘Europe is clearly losing the renewable energy innovation battle’

Poland: Road from coal destined to be long

While the country is under international pressure to move to alternatives, few are immediately available to satisfy its power needs

Rules snag Poland’s shale gas ambitions

Process hampered by a sluggish government approach

Refining: Overcapacity sees majors divest assets

Squeezed margins hurt the big oil companies but some spot opportunity

solar cell

Future brightens for unsubsidised home solar

Falls in price for photovoltaics create opportunities

France: Mood cools on question of nuclear generation

Budget overruns, the spectre of accidents and lack of flexibility influence choice

Italy: Trapped in a fog of confusion

Electricity bills are high while 90 per cent of gas and oil is imported

Utilities grapple with added regulations

Stock prices are example of industry woes