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Intellectual protection gets global overhaul

Intellectual protection gets global overhaul

Big reforms in the EU and the US have been accompanied by the wider uptake of patents internationally, reports Clive Cookson

Inventor of the Year Awards: Jury panellist says a little argument is no bad thing

Peter Marsh finds that, while his personal favourites did not always become winners, some disagreement is healthy

Profiles of 2013’s competition winners
Martin Schadt

Lifetime achievement: Light dawned for Martin Schadt as crystals dimmed

LCDs could operate with conventional batteries and be adapted to many commercial uses, writes James Shotter

pyrosequencing pioneer Pal Nyren

Small business winner: Fireflies led the way on DNA sequencing

Pal Nyren’s pyrosequencing method has potential uses beyond health, says Richard Milne

Nanotech pioneer: Patrick Couvreur

Research winner: Toxins used for sake of cure

Andrew Jack looks at the work of Patrick Couvreur, a pioneer in the field of nanotechnology

Ajay Bhatt demonstrates a USB device

Non-European winner: ‘Mr Fixit’ just wanted to make the connections

Chris Nuttall talks to Ajay Bhatt, the man who came up with the idea for the USB

Klaus Brustle (left) and Claus Hammerle

Industry winners: Piston takes on big bang

James Shotter on the method developed by inventors Claus Hämmerle and Klaus Brüstle to stop drawers slamming

Unitary system: Patent renewal fees trouble Europe’s small businesses

Decision over how much to charge remains delicate, writes Nuala Moran

Supreme Court ruling: US genes decision may depend on strands in Myriad argument

DNA patent case remains hard to call, reports Stephanie Kirchgaessner

United States: Companies urge action against patent ‘trolls’

Copyright cases brought against wealthy defendants have soared since 2010, writes Richard Waters

Pharma: Fears over India’s stance on IP

Attitudes may set an example for others, says Amy Kazmin

Generic drugs: Watchdogs probe pay-for-delay deals

Big pharma companies are defending payments to producers of low-cost rivals, says Andrew Jack

Asia: China fails to live up to its history as a great nation of innovation

Patti Waldmeir finds that filings for patents have ballooned but the quality is lacking

Smartphones: Patent wars set to continue

Drawn-out court battles lead some judges to call for reform of US intellectual property laws, says Tim Bradshaw