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Many of the world’s most exciting companies have engineering innovation at their heart, especially those set up in recent years to explore novel areas of science and technology

The world struggles to keep up

With more than 7m working on technology-related research, the rate of innovation outstrips our ability to make sense of it all

Consumers and regulators drive flexible automotive production

Companies need to produce tailor-made vehicles at mass-market prices

robot hand holding a light bulb

Robotics and 3D printing are entering the mainstream

Now you can print your own robot

New partnerships boost innovation

New partnerships boost innovation

Chris Toumazou invents USB stick that decodes patient’s DNA

Lab on a chip conducts tests on the spot

Pharmaceuticals: Majors may be too big to succeed

Poor returns have led many drug companies to conclude that ‘small is beautiful’

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Artur Fischer’s plastic wall plug transforms construction

One of the world’s most prolific inventors

How the prize winners were chosen

The European Patent Office Awards recognise outstanding achievement. The process of choosing a winner is arduous

James Dyson

James Dyson: ‘The EU should spur invention, not mediocrity’

British inventor says engineers need to be challenged

UK skills shortage: Manufacturers lament lack of engineers

Companies are turning to other countries to fill the gap

Art offers manufacturing fresh perspectives

Tackling problems from a different perspective produces smarter outcomes

Academia and business join forces

Europe wants to build viable companies from lab discoveries and turn them into commercial successes

Smartphone patents: Courtroom victories lead nowhere

Lawsuits over smartphone patents have cost millions but Apple and Samsung are no closer to a resolution

Graphene prompts huge global spending on research

No one wants to be left behind in the race to develop the ‘miracle material’