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Despite many obstacles, the rise of green power is slowly transforming the energy landscape

Renewables will widen investor enthusiasm

Guy Chazan reports that, despite many obstacles, the rise of green power is slowly transforming the energy landscape


Prospects for the UK electricity market

Nuclear power: Fukushima has cooling effect on western zeal

Many of the world’s next reactors are going to be built in developing countries, writes Leslie Hook

Offshore wind: Financing woes pose a threat to 2020 target date

Pilita Clark says that changes to subsidies are encouraging potential backers to play the waiting game

The Oyster, built by Aquamarine Power

Technology: Marine sector starts to make waves in industry

The challenge is driving the cost down and reliability up, reports Guy Chazan

Clean technology: US policy aids second generation biofuel push

The sector appears to have come of age and is growing rapidly, reports Guy Chazan

US energy secretary Steven Chu

Fire ice: Gas source is little understood

Large quantities of methane hydrates lie in the earth’s crust but is extracting it too risky? By Charles Batchelor

SolarReserve's power generation project at Crescent Dunes, Nevada

Renewable power: Developing markets are a ray of sunshine

Enthusiasm is growing in poor nations but it has to be cost-effective, reports Ed Crooks

Statoil's gas processing plant near Hammerfest

Subsurface: Technological advance fuels voyage to bottom of the sea

Extraction of oil and gas is moving under water, writes Guy Chazan

solar panel

Solar: Industry feels effects of subsidy cuts

At issue is when ‘grid parity’ will be reached

Supply: European ‘supergrid’ dream has merit

The prize of greener power drives ambition, says Michael Kavanagh