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The need to reduce carbon emissions, guarantee security of supply and ensure energy remains affordable will drive innovation

Need for new ideas will just keep growing

Rising demand for energy will fuel innovation across the industry

Japan Begins Test Production of Frozen Gas Locked Under Seabed

Japan has high hopes for ‘flammable ice’

Methane hydrates could be big news for countries with no conventional oil or gas

Model of the future experimental nuclear fusion reactor in Cadarache, north of Marseille, June 30, 2..

Concrete plans for fusion’s standard bearer

ITER will cost $20bn but the potential benefits are huge

Reaping the benefits of renewable energy

Success of Bavarian ‘prosumers’ creates dilemma for German electricity system

Musk finds new way to store solar power

Tesla battery packs will hold electricity from solar panels

Solar alternative to dirty kerosene

Technology helps poor Africans avoid dirty, dangerous fuel

Project tests impact of low-carbon power

UK initiative prepares for energy system of future

An employee checks a reel of paper at the Stora Enso paper mill in Oulu, Finland, Monday, Aug. 13, 2007. Stora Enso Oyj, the world's largest paper maker, said third-quarter operating profit dropped on costs for fiber and the weakening U.S. dollar. Photographer: Suzanne Plunkett/Bloomberg News

Paper industry close to energy breakthrough

A new technology would cut out grinding and cooking, saving on electricity