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Six months after the military coup that overthrew the elected Islamist government of Mohamed Morsi, weak political parties and a rift in society have created a political vacuum

Egypt’s military returns to centre stage

The country is sliding into authoritarianism as the security services suppress dissent

Fragile recovery a hostage to political events

Business urges structural reform despite signs of stability

Interview: Hazem al-Biblawi

Egypt’s interim leader on the pressing need to reform fuel subsidies

History suggests the Muslim Brotherhood should not be written off

The Islamist organisation has a habit of reviving itself

Security state tightens its grip

A mother’s account of her son’s fate highlights the country’s return to authoritarianism

Struggle to find new order in global relations

Government uses strategic position to flex its muscles

Trading picks up but real returns will come with stability

EGX 30 indext has shown resilience despite turbulent year

Bedouin tribes caught in the crossfire in war against jihadis

Army raids have wreaked devastation on impoverished area

Natural gas in abundance but every day lights go out

Households’ fuel subsidies are crippling the economy

Salafis risk credibility with backing for new regime

Nour party has alienated many of its core supporters

Immigrants flee as xenophobia rears its head

Conspiracy theories fuel popular anger at foreigners

Proposed minimum wage adds to factory owners’ list of troubles

Unskilled workers would be entitled to hefty salary increases if plan for pay law were to be extended

Optimists look to Ikea and return of European tourists

Despite signs of recovery, yet another transition period is taking its toll on businesses

Three years of turmoil leave tourist industry in tatters

Dwindling visitor numbers have hit the economy

Business profile: diversification helps GB Auto survive

Good performance in other sectors makes up for poor sales

Business profile: Lecico bathroom ware sales prove resilient

Manufacturer chases new customers to stay afloat

Business profile: risk pays off for Amer

Property development company grew during political turmoil