Durban 2011 Review

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Nearly 200 nations gathered in the South African city of Durban to negotiate a successor to the Kyoto protocol

Protests over draft climate agreement


Vulnerable states and EU call for legally binding pact


Political support for climate change action must be rebuilt
Podcast: Clive Cookson
Clive Cookson, FT science editor, hosts a podcast on the climate change conference

US denies blocking climate talks

‘Roadmap’ approach still up for debate, write Pilita Clark and Andrew England

Comment: Mark Lynas

Two weeks of talks in Durban have exposed Kyoto’s fatal flaw

Bangladesh flood

Comment: Dipu Moni and José María Figueres

While wealthy countries squabble, developing nations are left to clean up a mess they did not create

European unity tested at talks

Firm commitments are sought for successor to Kyoto protocol, write Pilita Clark and Andrew England

An aerial view of buildings standing out amid haze engulfing Wuhan

China’s gamechanger

Rhetorical shift from world’s leading polluter raises hopes of breaking the deadlock on binding targets, says Pilita Clark

Ban Ki-Moon

Stark warning

Ban Ki-moon, UN secretary-general, is gloomy about climate pact chances. By Pilita Clark

Design flaws

Dissent has delayed a key climate fund, finds Pilita Clark