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Viral: A look behind internet sensations’ success

Marketing budgets: Campaigns via social media are still often unpredictable

Advertisers rush to master fresh set of skills

There are great opportunities, but companies are still largely feeling their way, says David Gelles

B2B Social media: A chance for business to gain traction

Companies are learing to use social media tools in their B2B activities, says Paul Taylor

Pinterest gets interesting

April Dembosky explains everything you need to know about the online ‘pinboard’ service

‘Ownership’: Is it about selling or service?

There is a wide variety of corporate responses, explains Ajay Makan

A person looks at the Twitter page of McDonald's on a computer

Cautionary tales: What to do when good salesmanship goes bad

David Gelles finds reasons to be careful when companies take advertising online

Viral campaigns: Lights, camera, blender! How to create a hit

April Dembosky looks behind the success of internet sensations

Marketing budgets: Dangers of a fast-moving bandwagon

Campaigns via social media are still often unpredictable, says Tim Bradshaw

Maryam Banikarim
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A life in the day: A dedicated follower of fashion

David Gelles follows the chief marketing officer of Gannett

Advertising: Banners set to become ‘smart and sexier’

Predictions of the display ad’s demise are premature, writes Jane Bird

Mobile: Nirvana is tantalisingly close

Tim Bradshaw explains why the promised land is not quite with us

Non-profits: Turning to web to snare philanthropists

Social media sites offer an unparalleled way of connecting with supporters, finds Sarah Murray

Guest column: Francis Keeling

New breed of services offers a better experience than piracy