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- OTC derivatives: there is a sense in the industry that the change is a trend, not a blip
- ETFs: traders are using them, but the complexity is starting to worry regulators

Market prepares for transparency

The industry has not been idle ahead of changes to trading and reporting rules

Energy: An example for regulators to study

The 2001 bankruptcy of Enron shocked market participants into finding safer ways to trade, says Gregory Meyer

Angela Merkel with traders

OTC derivatives: Euro crisis gives clearing a boost

There is a sense in the industry that the change is a trend, not a blip, says Hal Weitzman

ETFs: Interest of markets and regulators grows

Traders use the funds as alternative hedges but the complexity of some products is a worry, says Telis Demos

EU flags

Europe: New trading venues aim to provide choice of structures

Jeremy Grant considers keenly awaited proposals for reform

Swap execution facilities: Industry hopes longer delays will mean looser rules

The two US regulators have not yet agreed how these new trading venues will work. Michael Mackenzie writes on the implications for the market