Cyber Security

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- Is there a solution to advanced threats?
- Cloud computing need not be a security risk
- Cyber-strikes are becoming more focused

Cyber security: A war marked by fatalism and denial

It is possible to win battles easily and cheaply

Security: A huge challenge from China, Russia and organised crime

James Blitz considers what can be done about advanced persistent threats

Insurance: The trade-off between risk and cost

Premiums are high but will fall over time, writes Maija Palmer

SEC filings: Businesses told to reveal true scale of losses

Fresh guidelines are likely to be a burden for US companies, writes Joseph Menn

screenshot of YouTube website about hacking

Everyday risks: Reputations can be the main casualty

Hackers can find easy lessons online, says Tim Bradshaw

Data protection: The cloud still has a silver lining but it may be costly

Stephen Pritchard looks at why higher levels of defence need to be provided

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility

Viruses: Era of targeted attacks is here to stay

A new kind of risk has been found, says Maija Palmer

Regulation: Lawmakers asked to step into digital age

Data breaches have brought security centre stage, writes Alan Rappeport


Liability: Banks refuse to pay out to protect clients

Businesses targeted by criminals are left high and dry by lenders, reports Joseph Menn

Malware: Mobile devices are likely to be next victims of viruses

Chris Nuttall looks at recent efforts to keep ‘black hats’ out