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The cloud: Providers must win trust, clients must make checks

Warnings of ‘war’ serve to focus minds

US and EU legislators recognise the need for more co-operation and additional laws, reports Paul Taylor

Cloud computing simulation on an iPhone and iPad

The cloud: Providers must win trust, clients must make checks

Fears of security breaches may be causing more concern than they warrant, writes Jane Bird


Ed Ferrara
Ed Ferrara of Forrester Research on the state of cybersecurity

Personal devices: Smartphones not so smart when it comes to malware

It is not as easy to come by security updates and patches as it should be, says Georgina Elrington

Regulation: The public jealously guards its web freedoms

Alan Cane considers the delicate balance that must be struck on virtual law and order

Privacy: Transatlantic tensions cast a pall over data sharing

Conflicts between EU and US law complicate compliance, says Charles Batchelor

Security packages: Mac owners can be complacent no longer

Paul Taylor asks what consumers can do to protect themselves

Hacktivism: Groups occupy a grey area between protest and crime

Not all perpetrators are politically motivated, writes Stephen Pritchard

Real costs: Targeted attacks drive growth in the hacking economy

Financial losses rise by half in a year, writes Charles Batchelor

Defence: Industry speaks more openly on threat from China

Carola Hoyos explains the role of cyber weapons

Wade Baker

Constant vigilance: The key to catching covert criminals

Software tools are available to help identify file types associated with ‘advanced persistent threats’, reports Jane Bird