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The top end of the business aviation industry is still holding steady, as increasingly global businesses demand intercontinental business aircraft. But deliveries overall are still far from the record numbers of six years ago, and the recovery in other sectors is far from certain.

Aviation industry outlook remains cloudy

Manufacturers’ conflicting messages reflect mixed fortunes

Need for speed overtaken by harsh economic lessons

Helicopter manufacturers have been dogged by events out of their control in a turbulent market

Upstart in VIP market makes good on lofty ambitions

Embraer, the Brazilian aircraft maker, has turned a dream into reality

Cessna Latitude

Cessna makes light work of heavy economic weather

New aircraft are focusing specifically on comfort, cabin size and efficiency

the Gulfstream G650
©Paul Bowen/Gulfstream

Gulfstream jets ahead at the top of its sector

The question for competitors is whether they can catch up

Commercial project leaves business jets up in the air

Cost overruns and long delays are not deterring staunch fans of the aircraft maker

Fractional ownership: Appreciation of depreciation shapes an industry

Demanding customers are driving market leaders to invest in new aircraft and a more tailored service

JetSmarter app

Ubers of the skies challenge the traditional brokers of private jets

Online companies are muscling into the executive air travel market

Cost of fuel is small part of complex formula that affects demand

Low commodities prices are affecting executive travel

Gulfstream G600 mockup

Sabre rattles long-distance travel hopes

In the world of business aviation, buyers have a substantial appetite for greater nonstop range in large aircraft


Anxious sector awaits upturn

It is unclear whether negative publicity or the business cycle is to blame for weak demand

China’s infrastructure and politics hamper market ripe for growth

Private jet industry is years behind global norms in flexibility and service

Industry hopes next generation of aircraft will encourage sales

Modified engines, wings and controls bring improved efficiency

Larger aeroplanes still dominate business skies

Customers are demanding longer range aircraft with larger cabins but the market for smaller models is also recovering

Race is on for the fastest corporate jet

Designers and engineers must solve problems related to fuel efficiency and the sonic boom

Ukraine crisis casts a cloud over the European market

The conflict has been a drag on recovery

Online technology challenges fractional model

Instant pricing for the charter industry erodes the traditional advantages bought with an upfront fee

Marine Eugene has a talent for finding opportunities

The NetJets executive has been busy with fractional deals

Costs shape market for helicopters

The industry is about to see significant growth in leasing as a form of financing

Consumer technologies bring step change to business travel

Multi-functional headsets and cabin apps are here to stay

Comment: Budget penalises jet operators

A steep rise in air passenger duty for business jets deals a blow to the UK economy, says leading private aircraft executive

Expansion is on the flight plan, but will be patchy

Market for larger jets remains buoyant while mood is positive longer-term on sales of smaller aircraft

Technology: Engine innovations power fuel efficiency

Progress in commercial development spills over into next generation business jets

Helicopter manufacturers battle to stay aloft over treacherous waters

Severe conditions demand an innovative approach

Dassault goes green with new 5X

Simple ideas give long-range aircraft the edge in turbulent times

Former Marine calls attention to detail

Christopher Miller believes in knowing all he can about his clients

Financing: Lenders regroup as cash takes back seat

Market for funds starts to show stability after bumpy ride

Fractional ownership faces slow climb out of recessionary trough

Market has yet to regain levels reached before the crisis

Cessna: Competition rises in tough marketplace

Jet manufacturer believes investment will pay off

Australian operators buck global slump

Mining boom gives sector momentum for growth

China: Austerity takes toll but growth prospects still encourage

Although buyers may be taking longer to buy, the private market appears to have weathered the storm

Maintenance: Demand for top mechanics set to grow

More complex aircraft need a better trained workforce