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Market for larger jets remains buoyant while mood is positive longer-term on sales of smaller aircraft

Comment: Budget penalises jet operators

A steep rise in air passenger duty for business jets deals a blow to the UK economy, says leading private aircraft executive


Rohit Jaggi
The FT’s aircraft columnist writes on news and trends in the corporate aviation world

Expansion is on the flight plan, but will be patchy

Market for larger jets remains buoyant while mood is positive longer-term on sales of smaller aircraft

Technology: Engine innovations power fuel efficiency

Progress in commercial development spills over into next generation business jets

Farnborough International Airshow 2012
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Helicopter manufacturers battle to stay aloft over treacherous waters

Severe conditions demand an innovative approach

the 5X interior: can be arranged to give six full-size sleeping berths

Dassault goes green with new 5X

Simple ideas give long-range aircraft the edge in turbulent times

Christopher Miller of Guggenheim Partners

Former Marine calls attention to detail

Christopher Miller believes in knowing all he can about his clients

Financing: Lenders regroup as cash takes back seat

Market for funds starts to show stability after bumpy ride

Fractional ownership faces slow climb out of recessionary trough

Market has yet to regain levels reached before the crisis

Brad Thress, Cessna senior vice-president

Cessna: Competition rises in tough marketplace

Jet manufacturer believes investment will pay off

Australian operators buck global slump

Mining boom gives sector momentum for growth

China: Austerity takes toll but growth prospects still encourage

Although buyers may be taking longer to buy, the private market appears to have weathered the storm

Maintenance: Demand for top mechanics set to grow

More complex aircraft need a better trained workforce

October 2012

Looking for a shot of confidence

Global volatility is putting off buyers and deterring lenders yet the Brics do not hold the answers, write Rohit Jaggi and Rose Jacobs

Finance: Mixed fortunes for jet buyers

There is a divergence between loans for big and small aircraft, says Rose Jacobs

Charter: Rockin’ and flying all over the world

Charter Music stars reach for the skies as demand for live performances increases, writes Duncan Robinson

Private trend: Rising demand for air ambulance and search and rescue services

Manufacturers see chances to both ride this market-wide growth and spur it along by offering new products, writes Rose Jacobs

North America: Size matters in two-speed global market

Change in the marketplace is as much about economic demography as it is about the size of the aircraft, says Robert Wright

Hawker Beechcraft: Industry expects jet division to be grounded

Robert Wright says company will focus on propeller aircraft after its bankruptcy

Latin America: Fleets grow as business travel becomes a necessity

The region is one of world’s most important markets, says Samantha Pearson

Manufacturers in race to meet need for speed

Improved safety benefits are also on offer much further down the speed chain, writes Rohit Jaggi

Industry shares its apps for the future

Apps are changing the way corporate aircraft are bought, sold, booked and flown

May edition

Sector subdued by sluggish recovery

This year has seen some good news for order books but a sustained revival is likely to be some way off

Carbon trading: Emissions law bears down on small operators

Joshua Chaffin finds large carriers have the capacity to deal with EU law

Cessna unveils $26m Citation Longitude

Business jet offers increased range and speed

Dassault: Falcon has eyes fixed on clients in China

The company has a ‘wait and see policy’ regarding recovery, says James Boxell

Sputtering recovery: Turbulence forces fractional ownership rethink

Demand has fallen in the downturn and even the Sage of Omaha’s NetJets operation has suffered, reports Kevin Done

Test Flight: Recycling reaches new heights

Rohit Jaggi takes the helm of the Nextant 400XT

Chinese market: Moves to free air space help boost sales

Simon Rabinovitch says registrations of private aircraft are set to double

Hawker Beechcraft: Pummelled by crisis

The aircraft manufacturer has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection while it restructures, reports Jeremy Lemer

Increased speed comes at a high price

While aircraft makers are developing high-speed helicopters for military use, their commercial future for civilian purposes is uncertain

Private jet operators limber up for Games

Smaller airports near Olympic venues will be used