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The business model offers an alternative form of capitalism

‘In accord with spirit of the age’

The business model offers an alternative form of capitalism, writes Brian Groom

Public sector: Mutual minnows at risk of losing out to big PLC fish

Sarah Neville asks if the private sector will prevail in the fight for contracts

Share schemes: Red tape deters companies from giving incentives

There is confusion about plans on offer, says Elaine Moore

Ali Parsa
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Healthcare: Circle squares up to challenge of public service

Gill Plimmer looks behind the scenes at an outsourced hospital

Historical overview: Pioneers aimed to improve the world for poor workers

The co-operative movement needs to rediscover its roots, says Andrew Bounds


Different approaches: Movement still thrives in the internet age

Andrew Bounds discovers there are many variations on the co-owned theme

Case study: Co-operative Group

Group attempting to shake off a reputation for failing to keep up with competitors, writes Andrew Bounds

the Brighton café
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Infinity Foods: Ethical model has driven food specialist for 41 years

Paul Gould pays a visit to an eco-driven business where ‘investment’ and ‘profit’ are not dirty words

John Lewis
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John Lewis Partnership: Ownership by staff ‘no guarantee of success’

Brian Groom looks at the group that inspired Nick Clegg to discuss a ‘John Lewis economy’

Expansion: Chief executives express caution about pace of growth in the sector

Brian Groom looks at the coalition’s hopes of increasing staff participation

Social enterprises: Big Society comes to grips with finances

New laws and funding will help to produce a £50bn sector, writes Andrew Bounds