Business of Consulting

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Firms must work with each other and clients to drive change

Groups look beyond Europe as spending cuts take toll

Ways to profit from ‘new normal’

After improvement in 2010, uncertainty has returned to the market for consulting services

Strategy: views diverge on how to achieve execution

It is not just generating the right concept, but making it happen, writes Fiona Czerniawska

London 2012: big sporting events mean game on for sponsorship tenders

The tens of millions invested can earn a hefty payback for a consultancy brand, says Rod Newing

Sustainability: ‘Only business can effect needed transformation’

Firms must work with each other and clients to drive change, writes Rod Newing

Public sector: firms look beyond Europe as cuts take toll

Fiona Czerniawska finds teams are being reassigned amid curbs on spending at home

People in business suits take down notes while sitted

Emerging markets: globalisation produces fresh sources of revenue

Shifting patterns of demand will benefit larger firms, reports Gill Plimmer

Soft skills: ‘fearless behaviour’ required to reach the top

Consultants need more than just technical ability, writes Jane Bird, firms need to help them develop on an interpersonal level, too

Niche players: do not be blinded by the brands of the big firms

Rod Newing says small consultancies can provide tailored solutions in specialist fields, often very quickly

Financial services: crisis brings opportunities to grow and add value

Firms that can add to efficiency will succeed, says Ross Tieman

Pro bono: ‘We didn’t want to just turn up with an army of people to paint something’

Sarah Murray looks at what individuals and organisations on both sides can gain from charitable projects

Guest column: time to share ideas and discuss common problems

More and more firms – small as well as large – now view their business as international, writes Alan Leaman of the UK’s Management Consultancies Association