This report explores the relationship between technology and the office. Does it matter where you work any more? And how is the increasing use of IT changing the nature of our jobs?

Mobilisation gathers pace

New technologies like cloud services are enabling empoyees to work on any device, in any place, at any time


Social media tools can be viewed as a business risk. However, the majority of businesses across Europe claim to be benefiting from them
– Kayleigh Bateman, special projects editor, Computer Weekly
Chris Hill of AT&T on how companies can manage ‘bring your own devices’
Gartner’s Daryl Plummer on personal IT devices and ‘connected workplaces’

Keeping tabs on personal devices

As more and more employees use their own smart devices for business purposes, security is just one issue companies need to review

Cloud opens up new horizons

Flexibility for employees and IT departments is emerging as one of the key benefits of cloud computing

Give and take enables flexible working

Clear communication is the key to remote workers achieving the desired balance between office and home life

The road warrior’s survival kit

A whole panoply of devices is essential to keep the mobile worker connected and productive

When outsourcing works both ways

Companies hand over IT functions to third parties to achieve efficiencies but this is also why many are bringing such services back in house

Coming to a screen near you

Videoconferencing saves travel costs but businesses must ensure they do not overspend on costly infrastructure

Unified communication moves a step closer

Mobile technology is driving the trend towards unified points of contact for corporate communication channels

Hit and miss in the internet hiring line

Social networks increasingly are the recruitment vehicle of choice for employers and candidates, but their effectiveness remains mixed

Plot thickens for thin devices

New operating systems and hardware are putting different slants on the highly competitive portable computing market