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The emergence of deadly new drug-resistant strains of TB threatens to unravel years of progress. As the disease of the poor spreads to wealthy countries, parts of London have incidence rates comparable to those of Nigeria or Iraq

Killer of the poor threatens the wealthy

Although rates have been falling, the illness is spreading to rich countries and still kills 1.3m people a year

Stubborn new TB strains threaten to reverse years of progress

What started as a problem of people not taking their medicines correctly has spiralled out of control

Call to arms for eradication of TB

We must find the world’s 3m undiagnosed TB sufferers, says South Africa’s health minister

A breakthrough drug is trapped in a Catch-22

Without regulatory approval, linezolid’s potential against TB is in limbo

Resurgence of an illness that respects no borders

Health services look at ways to fight an infection widely considered to have been purged from developed world

microscopic image of TB bacteria

Genetics offers route to cure

Molecular and genomic research points to new treatments

Mene Pangalos

Filling the gap where big pharma fears to tread

Incentives needed where profits scarce

Mining bosses have ‘chance to be the heroes’ in combating TB

Some companies have achieved results, but much work remains