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New tools and tactics are being used to counter the spread of malaria across the world. Governments and researchers are hoping drugs, promised vaccine trials and new pesticides will help alleviate malaria’s huge economic and human costs.The global efforts are a race against time as mosquitoes grow resistant to existing pesticides and drugs

Fight intensifies against a killer disease

Despite progress, existing treatments and pesticides are losing their effectiveness

War on Anopheles mosquitoes heats up

Scientists are learning more about how the insects target humans

Lethal gene relies on laws of attraction

Scientists turn to biological warfare to eradicate mosquitoes

Professor James McCarthy with a volunteer for antimalarial drug testing using the Human Challenge Model

Human trials speed up delivery of vaccines

Australian drug trial research on healthy volunteers is attracting international donors

a baby is given an injection as part of a malaria vaccine trial at a clinic in the Kenya coastal town of Kilifi, November 23, 2010
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Scientists target people and mosquitoes

The first malaria vaccine will be a milestone but not a magic bullet

The special lightbulb which is less attractive to mosquitoes

Time has come to cast net wider as pesticide resistance grows

As bed nets begin to lose their effectiveness, researchers experiment with new ideas

A worker from Haiti's Ministry of Public Health and Population sprays chemicals to exterminate mosquitoes in a neighborhood of Petion Ville in Port-au-Prince on May 21, 2014
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Haiti revives eradication aim

Recent experience and limited funding point to the need for a more targeted approach

RDT malaria test
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Tests get cheaper and more sensitive

Rapid diagnosis could help detect victims who are unwittingly spreading the disease

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Huge costs have been a call to action

Efforts have reduced prevalence but much more needs to be done

Race against time to kill resistant mosquitoes

Scientists and manufacturers must innovate to avoid a catastrophe in the decades to come