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Scientists say complacency is the biggest threat to the campaign against malaria. They warn however that if the battle against the disease lets up, the gains of the past decade could be quickly wiped out

Victory remains a long way off

The biggest threat to the campaign against malaria is the perception that the war has already been won

Gold miner and the metal itself take part in fight against malaria

A look at how AngloGold Ashanti in Ghana is taking a lead role

Telecoms help pave way to improved mosquito net benefits

Increased efficiency keeps the price of prevention down

Call for greater penalties for counterfeiters

Few people are being brought to court anywhere in the world for manufacturing useless copies of drugs

Race is on to find new treatments of malaria

The threat of drug resistance spreading has prompted a hunt for fresh remedies

Dr Joe Cohen, adviser to the malaria vaccine project at GSK

An effective vaccine against malaria may at last be in sight

The world’s first malaria vaccine could be available in a few years

India struggles to assess its malaria burden accurately

Statistics fail to reveal the true picture of the country’s health

Researchers test new ways of controlling malaria

New methods of controlling the spread of the disease are being tested, but they need time to be developed

Insecticides face increased resistance

An alternative to impregnated bed nets has yet to be found