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The emerging power has come a long way but remains full of contradictions

Nation shakes off ‘nearly failed’ status

An emerging power that has come a long way but remains full of contradictions

dance rehearsal

Medellín: Transformed second city excites envy

The former crime capital is a hotbed of entrepreneurs, says John Paul Rathbone

José Antonio Ocampo

Guest column: José Antonio Ocampo

Competitiveness is particularly important today for Colombia, sometimes referred to as ‘the new Brazil’

Expatriates return: Life starts to look better back home for Colombians on Wall Street

Opportunities for returnees abound – in mining, energy, consumer, infrastructure and financials, writes Pan Kwan Yuk

Luis Carlo Sarmiento Jnr

Banking: Liquidity generated locally drives flurry of overseas deals

New entrants are out to capture big returns, says John Paul Rathbone

Security: Gang rivals reinvent themselves as partners in crime

Naomi Mapstone on a new dynamic between criminals and insurgents

Infrastructure: Pressing need for better transport

Naomi Mapstone on re-engineering the bidding process

Hunter Carter

Guest column: Hunter T. Carter

It will take more than new legislation and a handful of convictions to end cronyism and corruption

Oil industry: Risks worth investment in exploration of virgin territory

Naomi Mapstone considers the prospects for a booming sector

Mining: Security gains against rebels open up vast areas for prospecting

Pent-up investor demand is about to have an outlet, writes Naomi Mapstone

View from Caracas: Trouble in Venezuela brings benefits to its neighbour

Benedict Mander finds an increasing flow of rich people crossing the border

German Efromovich: Unlikely owner saves national airline

Joe Leahy talks to the man who pitched for Avianca as a joke and was accepted