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The causes of global warming are still difficult to pin down

A golden age could be about to dawn for gas

Kyoto protocol at risk in Durban

Agreement on further commitments to reduce greenhouse gases is unlikely

IPCC report: Hard to pin down precise causes of the effects

The time to start preparing for adverse conditions is now, says Jessica Twentyman

Shale reserves: Gas seen as bridge between old and new forms of power

A golden age is dawning for the fuel, reports Mike Scott

Mass extinction: Humans could join list of threatened species

Jane Bird asks if mankind could be about to go the way of the dinosaurs

A male worker installs solar panels on the roof of a house

Renewable energy: Demand for solar power heats up as prices fall

Cheap cells will be good for the industry in the long run, says Sarah Murray

South Africa: Host nation aims to win rich visitors over

The country harbours hopes of a new Kyoto deal, says Simon Mundy

A woman with face mask rides a bicycle

China focus: Five-year plan to cut pollution

The country has long traded economic growth for environment standards, writes Leslie Hook

Carbon capture has yet to make its mark

After initial enthusiasm, realisation has set in that is going to take time to become a mainstream application, writes Sarah Murray

Black carbon targeted in pollution fight

Soot has long been identified as a danger to health, but despite it being comparatively ease to deal with, campaigners still face obstacles, writes Charles Batchelor