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The country’s most urgent challenge is to maintain growth

Prosperity brings its problems

Chile’s most urgent challenge is to maintain growth, reports Jude Webber

Protests: Middle class unhappy over continued inequalities

The political system does not foster a sense of inclusion, says John Paul Rathbone


Widely regarded as Latin America’s most successful economy, Chile finds itself at a crossroads

Presidential elections: Voters may put a doctor in the house

Jude Webber finds former incumbent Michelle Bachelet remains a popular potential nominee

Mining rights: Fierce tug-of-war over assets ends peacefully

Jude Webber examines how a legal dispute has been resolved in an exemplary way

BHP Billiton's Escondida mine

Commodities: Supercycle jitters slow projects

Views are divided as to whether copper prices will follow iron down, writes Jack Farchy

Inward investment: Nations united by an ocean of mutual interest

China is an obvious trading partner for the Pacific-facing nation, reports Jude Webber

the HMS Beagle
©De Agostini/Getty Images

Discovery: Replica Beagle plans expedition to further Darwin’s legacy

Organisers of an Anglo-Chilean project aim to inspire a generation of children and conduct scientific research as a recreation of his ship retraces the naturalist’s voyage, writes Jude Webber

Wine: Chilean winemakers set sights on China

Sales abroad have more than quadrupled since 2000, reports Adam Thomson

Outward investment: Brazil provides fertile ground for its neighbour to grow

Chilean companies have run out of room to expand and are looking abroad, says Henry Mance

Energy: Wheels of industry lack vital spark

The growth of the copper sector is being held up by a lack of power, writes Adam Thomson