Central & Eastern Europe: Property

The flow of investment into Warsaw and other cities in the region is gathering pace


Central & Eastern Europe
Sochi 2014 will be the most expensive Olympics in history, with the cost expected to top $50bn. But despite its huge budget, the winter event faces challenges
A huge drive is underway to extract the gas, raising the tantalising prospect of a break in the country’s energy dependence on neighbouring Russia
Connected Europe
Citizens and entrepreneurs are reaping benefits from the Baltic state’s 1996 ‘Tiger’s Leap’ technology programme

Connected: Central and Eastern Europe

Despite economic gains across the region, many fear that integration has slowed

Investing in Central and Eastern Europe

As several countries in the region near their 10th anniversary in the EU, they are no longer seen as emerging markets

Doing Business in Austria

Despite the outward trappings of economic success, structural changes are urgently needed


The nation has plenty of pressing domestic concerns as it starts out on the long road to joining the 28-member bloc

Central & eastern Europe: Energy and infrastructure

The region has recognised it has to update its energy and transport infrastructure if it is to end its reliance on Russian supplies and become more competitive

Central & eastern Europe: Technology and innovation

Innovation in IT is replacing the heavy industries of the Soviet era, but there must be a radical change of approach, starting with education, if start-ups are to last

Central & eastern Europe: Automotive and manufacturing

The region has learnt that investment can never be taken for granted. The next hurdle is to shift towards indigenous technology and innovation

New Trade Routes: Russia

Reform not political imperative will help boost the country’s place in the global economy


Recession remains at bay though the eurozone crisis is taking its toll

Central & eastern Europe: Banking and finance

Pick-up in global trade predicted to accelerate growth and boost outlook for financial sector, with greater focus on local currency funding

Vienna as a Financial Centre

The sector has ridden out the post-crisis gloom and hopes for a neighbourly boost to sluggish growth


A sense of progress is evident despite slow post-crisis growth and the need to rein in public finances

Doing Business in Austria

The country has many strengths but the grand coalition is drifting and unable to address a range of issues

Investing in Central & Eastern Europe

Outlook is brighter for the area but there is still a difficult year ahead

Investing in Poland

Despite threats facing the country, it goes into a difficult period with some strengths and a very remote chance of recession

Investing in Russia

It is becoming clear that the flirtation with political reform under Dmitry Medvedev was simply a brief deviation


Kiev finds itself caught between the east and the west as elections loom


In September 2011, the president’s days as leader seemed limited only by his lifespan. They now seem numbered


Nation making strides thanks to Euro 2012 and EU money but headwinds are rising

Vienna as a Financial Centre

The turbulence of the past few years, especially among Austria’s central and eastern European neighbours, has left its mark

Warsaw as a Financial Centre

Poland has been more successful than most regional rivals in developing a sector with a wider reach

Central and eastern Europe: Banking and finance

The region relies on older members of the EU to buy its exports and provide capital

Investing in Russia

Now that uncertainty over the leadership has been removed, attention has turned to the longer term

Russia 2011

There is a change in atmosphere in the run-up to an election whose outcome is unclear

Investing in Poland

Civic Platform party won a strong mandate in recent elections. Will the government now tackle thorny problems?

Vienna as a Financial Centre

As emerging Europe’s financial hub, the city suffered during the crash. But the region is now growing at 4 per cent

Central & eastern Europe: Banking and finance

Catastrophe was averted but a series of factors have combined to make recovery more difficult

Doing Business in the Czech Republic

The German motor is helping drive recovery although public sector corruption is a worry for investors


The overall mood is upbeat but there are still obstacles to be overcome

Russia and the World

The country is more like a Middle Eastern oil autocracy than a budding European democracy