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Central and eastern Europe’s car industry, once associated with building and selling unreliable clunkers, has become an industrial byword for the region’s wider economic rise

Carmakers drive across frontiers

International jostling for manufacturing deals to create jobs and transfer technology is becoming more competitive

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Country has to settle for ‘second best’ after losing deal

Poles may still see some benefits from Jaguar plant

Russia: Belts tighten as buyers turn to budget models

Sanctions, the fall in oil prices and the weakening rouble have all taken their toll

BMW’s Paul de Courtois
©Tyukodi Laszlo

Middle class Poles take the wheel

More vehicles are being sold as private incomes improve

Spare parts an essential component of Romania’s economy

The state has moved beyond screwdriver assembly plants

the AeroMobil 3 on display in a hangar in Nitra

Flying cars a symbol of CEE taking off

Industry faces scarcity of skills and VW fallout


Competition is fierce for slices of a smaller pie

The central & eastern European region has learnt that investment can never be taken for granted

Russian automotive: Kaluga creates cluster template

Governor’s drive to attract foreign carmakers to region has others trying to emulate it

artist Olafur Eliasson's display has been integrated into the Interpipe mill

Ukraine steel industry: Fuel price rise compels mills to change

Gazprom measures lead to more efficient output

Auto industry: Skills provide magnet for investors

Post-communist talent, low costs and incentives have drawn foreign companies into the region

Electrical goods: Location, salaries and education all add to attractions

Some companies are looking further than the western European export market, which is a shadow of its former self

Opinion: Automotive fortunes are mixed

Romania and Hungary have suffered heavy falls as a result of the eurozone crisis