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Whisky producers are responding to an expected increase in worldwide demand

Hopes soar for spirited revival

Producers are responding to an expected increase in worldwide demand

India’s taste for real McCoy fuels hopes of higher sales

Both Scottish and Indian producers want to see a reduction in tariffs

Venezuela and Colombia: Rocky for Scotch whisky

Amid increasing scarcity, one drink is seldom absent from shelves in bars or shops

Chinese develop whisky connoisseurship

New generation is learning to appreciate malts

Diageo has won an award for its new plant

A toast to carbon reduction

Sustainable practices could save the industry money

Spirit that’s keen to woo more female drinkers

Cocktails have broken the ice

Race builds to increase capacity

The industry gears up for anticipated growth in emerging markets

Rare releases provide grist for collectors

Curiosity must be the appeal for investors

Ian Curle, chief executive of Edrington
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Edrington targets younger demographic by dispensing with age

The group has decided on a bold step in marketing