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For an industry that has enjoyed years of heady growth, the news that exports of Scotch whisky fell more than a tenth by value in the first half of 2014 was sobering

Distillers look beyond sales fall

a worker pours a glass of whisky at a distillery in Taiwan
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Exports fell in the first half of this year, but the industry is bullish


Sweden moves from devoted whisky consumer to skilled producer

New distilleries with global plans reveal the quality of Nordic malts

A wee dram of the real Scottish distillery experience

The industry is finding inventive ways to recruit new advocates of its brands

Beckham helps kick-off promotion for single status

The ‘single grain’ is being pushed as the next big thing to a rising generation of drinkers

Collectable malts may be in ‘bubble’ territory

There is already evidence of a slump in the retail market, and rare whiskies could follow

David Gates

Building brands bar by bar and street by street

Diageo’s David Gates talks about the challenges of marketing whiskies to a global customer base

Industry looks west again as emerging market demand dips

The bourbon industry has been more innovative with flavours

A man pours from a Chivas branded jug at a bar in a nightclub in Shanghai in this February 25, 2010 file photo
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China’s austerity drive hits sales but drinkers grow more discerning

The green-tea mixer is out and premium whiskies in specialist bars are in

Despite early year dip, US still growing market for Scotch

Higher-end producers stand to benefit from a bulge in the numbers of young people willing to experiment with their drinks

Craft distillers breathe new life into US market

Despite the trend, some companies prefer to avoid the label

Investors turn to champagne as prices hold

Attractive entry points and healthy consumption add to appeal