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Belgium’s new reformist government gives Wallonia a chance to rectify the high labour costs which are one of the deterrents to more foreign investment in the country’s francophone south which enjoys a central location and expertise in sectors ranging from life sciences to brewing but lags Dutch-speaking Flanders

Wallonia seeks to recast its image

Belgium’s prime minister, Charles Michel (waving)
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A prime location with skilled workers suffers from high employer costs and energy bills

Dave Sinardet

New era saddles Wallonia’s rulers with a dilemma

Francophone socialists are torn by demands of opposition and investors

Beer helps to unify a country divided by regional rivalries

Niche producers still find it easier to export than sell to neighbours

Competition, the Commission and comfort letters

Wallonia’s tax incentives attracting overseas companies – but also regulatory attention

Sweeteners – and abundant water supplies – help draw multinationals

The incentives offered range from 15 to 35 per cent of total investment, including the costs of land, buildings and materials

an artist’s impression of the new Waterloo visitor centre

Site of battle that was Napoleon’s undoing wins a new lease of life

Europe’s first modern tourist attraction undergoes bicentenary overhaul

Ashya King waves to journalists as he leaves the thirtieth and last of the proton treatment sessions at the Proton Therapy Centre on October 24, 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic
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Biotech innovators play catch up with Flanders

Pioneering therapies are emerging from a hub of research supported by regional government

Geographical position makes Wallonia a prime choice for distribution operations

To keep the money flowing, Liège, the economic capital, offers incentives to global companies

AGC chief executive Jean-François Heris
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AGC Glass Europe’s relocation shines light on potential for industrial revival

Benefits for manufacturers are sustained by a clear vision for labour reform

Deflation fears recede as corporate investment rises

Demand for consumer loans and mortgages has been rising