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Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium, is rethinking an economy traditionally dependent on heavy industry

A modern solution to traditional problems

Technological and creative sectors are increasingly replacing heavy industry but the labour market still lacks flexibility

Belgium plays the long game

Blueprint for economic and political reforms echoes the painstaking rejuvenation of the national football team

Socialists extend welcome to capitalists

Regional government offers a business-friendly regime to the likes of Caterpillar - but tends to move slowly

Case study: ArcelorMittal

Steelmakers’ restructuring plans spark clash with unions over massive job losses

Comment: Wallonia learns to forget Flanders and love itself

The region has much to be proud of - but its people are happy to be both Walloon and Belgian

Joskin tractors

Exports and fiscal reforms drive growth

Proximity to the robust German market creates opportunities for companies in the region

Tourism: Remembrance events expected to prompt a visitor boom

Wallonia is preparing for next year’s centenary of the outbreak of the first world war

Super-lock draws public, if not traffic

The extraordinary Ronquières ship lift is Belgian transport policy writ large

Babel the cat, Epic’s star creation

Regeneration: Stimulus plan adds creative industries to the mix

The cat that got the cream: how a children’s tale won financial backing from the regional government


Driving to be Europe’s heartland of innovation

Wallonia’s assets are being deployed to create an international hub and efforts are starting to pay off, says James Fontanella-Khan

Liège: Continental connections prompt revival in city fortunes

A prime location and a financially savvy mayor have been crucial, writes Nicholas Hirst

Life sciences: Network of talent fosters research

‘Marshall Plan’ is producing results, writes Nicholas Hirst

Guest column: The culmination of a magnificent adventure

The International Expo in 2017 will be the ideal opportunity to celebrate innovation, diversification and globalisation, writes Willy Demeyer

Economy: Innovation clusters form heart of grand revival plan

A focus on high-value sectors has been stimulating growth and reducing unemployment, writes Nicholas Hirst

Taxation: A country with high taxes but many loopholes

Incentives abound for those prepared to look, says James Fontanella-Khan

Politics: Fears of federal break-up cast long shadow

Despite Wallonia’s regional stability, disunity at the national level is undermining investor confidence, writes James Fontanella-Khan

Mons puts itself on the map with Google deal

Sponsorship acts as tribute to pioneers of knowledge sharing

Brewing: Global taste for Trappist ale brings job benefits

But critics say success has seen beer quality suffer, writes James Fontanella-Khan

Elio di Rupo: Belgium’s unlikely prime minister

James Fontanella-Khan on the man from left field who has defied expectations