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On the world stage, Argentina is perhaps best known for three things, all beginning with the letter “M”: Lionel Messi; mismanagement; and Malbec. This report – the first in a series on Latin America’s regions – is about a fourth “M”: the region of Mendoza

A wine region with barrels of potential

With a booming wine industry, plentiful natural resources and strong work ethic, the Argentine province of Mendoza has a bright future

Alfa Crux wine

Mendoza wine no longer a one-grape wonder

The sun-kissed state has clasped the joys of winemaking to its heart

traffic on the Cristo Redentor pass through the Andes

Consortium pursues grand plan of tunnel through Andes

An ambitious project could transform the region

Oil boss works hard to attract investors

YPF chief Miguel Galuccio wins plaudits as the oil company seeks funding for shale project

Mining potential not yet realised

A law meant to protect farmers is blocking development

Tumbling prices leave potash mine in limbo

The loss of a big investor has put a potentially valuable export industry in doubt

Jose Manuel Ortega

Former banker indulges his taste for liquid assets

José Manuel Ortega has no regrets over his career choice – even if he will never taste his best vintages

polo players

Tourists get taste of the good life

Skiing, climbing and polo are all on offer before dinner

Nicolas Catena

Rational approach pushes vintner Catena to new heights

Nicolás Catena’s former life as a professor of economics gives him a unique advantage in continuing his family’s prestigious Mendoza winery

Jess Jackson

Kendall-Jackson experience offers vital lesson for investors

Success requires a willingness to do things the Argentine way

Winemaking made easy for DIY vintners

Choose your grape variety, come up with a name and leave the rest to the experts