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The island has worked hard to diversify and improve its skills base. Its efforts have paid off, with the World Bank saying it is the eighth wealthiest country

Island’s programme of reforms pays off

aerial view of Isle of Man

The territory has avoided recession and is on track to balance the books

Isle of Man sees diversity as key to economic growth

Consumer spending remains depressed, but business optimism is on the rise

Opinion: Taking tough decisions pays dividends for the Isle of Man

Transparency helps boost the island’s financial credentials, writes Brian Groom

Ballamona will benefit from planning rules being relaxed

Isle of Man courts wealthy housebuyers

Planning rules relaxed for neo-Palladian palace to court affluent

Financial services sector looks further afield for returns

The financial and professional services industry is changing shape with new technologies being a major driver

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Innovative manufacturing keeps companies aloft

Clusters give small businesses a competitive edge

Nicola Guffogg

Government backs adoption of information exchange despite cost

Early move to tax transparency has had its advantages

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Manx migration saves business from extinction

Simpsons Shaving Brushes company thrives in Isle of Man’s supportive environment

From gambling to finance, the future of the Manx economy is online

Infrastructure, investment and education will aid expansion

Manx Telecom looks for new niche

Float gives boost to company and to investment in the Isle of Man

Tie-up with London studios puts island in a leading role – again

The government has dug deep to attract projects, but it is a controversial move

Overseas delegations seek out local expertise

Manx shipping and aircraft registers help bolster the economy