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Hong Kong is still an attractive place to work, but it is grappling with a number of problems

Headwinds hamper Hong Kong’s search for a new identity

The former colony is still an attractive place to work, but it is grappling with a number of problems

Benefits likely to flow from liberalisation in Shanghai

The free-trade zone is an opportunity rather than a threat

Contemporary art scene comes of age

Additional museums and the arrival of international galleries follow the success of art fairs in attracting large crowds

Banking: Niche groups offer entrée to mainland

Small family-owned institutions are unlikely to maintain their independence

Hong Kong’s air quality blighted by fumes from road and sea

Local efforts will have to be made in concert with neighbours

Conglomerates: Hutchison, Jardines and Swire continue to dominate

The big players have been evolving since the 19th century and look set to go on

Property: Volatility is as much at home as sky-high prices

Even parking spaces can fetch huge sums

Sally Wong, chief executive of the Hong Kong Investment Funds Association

Fund management: Regulators pursue China mutual recognition

Questions surround specific rules for operation of scheme

Ecosystem has a natural feel for the renminbi

Small slice of forex trade is growing

long-distance runner in Hong Kong
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Fitness: Entrepreneurs cater for the serious matter of relaxation

From races longer than marathons to gyms for the busy executive, it seems the city just cannot get enough

Governance: Businesses balk at listing under tough new regulatory regime

Tighter rules have checked IPOs but are good for the city


Critics call for speedier reforms

Business leaders are starting to believe that the way Hong Kong is run has to change, says Rahul Jacob

Currency: Rivals try to push city off the top spot for renminbi trades

Many wonder if Hong Kong can retain pole position, reports Denise Law

Art: Galleries help give new lease of life to popular landmark site

There is a lot of money to be made but finding a base can be difficult, says Enid Tsui

Capital markets: Exchange is step to closer co-operations

New venture is remarkable for what it says about one of its backers, writes Jeremy Grant

Commercial property: Outlying developments aim to be the new Central

Many workers are being relocated away from the main business district, reports Enid Tsui

Travel and tourism: Groundbreaking hotels cater for an internet-savvy generation

Rahul Jacob looks at two recently opened city venues that offer a novel twist on management

Regulation: Governance concerns hit stock market listings

Tighter rules are on the way, reports Paul J Davies

Expatriates: Ballooning prices reduce appeal as a regional base

The cost of living compared with rival locations is soaring, writes Rahul Jacob

Case studies: Starting businesses in the city

Josh Noble talks to two entrepreneurs about the pros and cons

Education: Schools shortage is biggest obstacle in attracting foreign staff

A lack of places for pupils puts off multinationals from coming to the city, says Tom O’Sullivan