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Business diversity, skills for the young and a bridge that unites its people are part of the city’s masterplan

Manufacturing a long-term future

Diversifying the types of businesses the city attracts is key to ensuring growth and prosperity, writes Chris Tighe

Automotive: Auto hub helps drive regional employment

The Nissan plant employs 5,800 people and exports to 90 markets, says John Reed

view of Sunderland University

Economy: Can-do attitude offers business and residents a lifeline

Innovation is key if the city is to find its way in the new industrial landscape and attract the companies of the future, reports Chris Tighe

Brian and Lianne Walker

Booming business: Walker Filtration

William Hall looks at a company that exports to 60 countries

Sunderland College students

Education: Young to benefit as partnerships offer new skills

Millions have been spent on facilities and it is paying off, writes William Hall

Football community: Fans cheer a team now thriving in a league of its own

The club stands as a beacon in a place that has seen tough times, writes Chris Tighe

The Bridges centre attracts 20m visitors a year

Development: Old industrial assets offer a way forward

Chris Tighe looks at plans to give a city centre the heart it needs to grow

The Venerable Bede

Art and leisure: A walk through the ages and a plethora of skills

This spot by the River Wear has always been at ease with modernity, finds Chris Tighe

light rail offers commuters choice

Transport: Creative landmark offers better links

Great feats of engineering are once again set to help the city thrive, writes Chris Tighe

Economic transformation is a virtual reality

Sunderland has ambitions to be at the centre of the north’s software sector, writes William Hall

Testing times prove fruitful

A blue-chip client list has helped the Test Factory quickly expand into a £2m operation, writes William Hall