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Consulting firms are finding that it is not just clients that must adapt to disruptive forces such as the need for scale and specialist expertise, the arrival of social media and the impact of new regulations

Change ripples through fish tank

Firms are finding that it is not just clients that must adapt to disruptive forces

Liu Jun

Competition: Shake-out due in China after heady growth

Smaller homegrown advisers will find it hard to survive

Information security: ‘Big data’ work keeps hackers out in the cold

An opportunity that turns a potential liability into an asset

Westfield Stratford City shopping centre in London
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Advisers in demand as high street big names suffer

The upheaval in the stores sector presents a big opportunity, but clients are driving a hard bargain

Corporate governance: New York rattles sabre after ‘violations’

State takes a determined line with consultancies

UK market: Fresh wave of rules brings opportunities

Clients need more advice on managing risks such as fraud

Consolidation: Organic growth and alliances promise more than mergers

After a takeover, talent can always decide to walk

Social media: Firms warm to LinkedIn but find benefits hard to quantify

There has been a pause for thought after heavy spending on the site – and Twitter and Facebook

teacher in front of a whiteboard

Talent management: Pay is not the only incentive for employees

Employers do well to pay attention to the working environment

Schemes aim to promote more females to partner

Firms are finding it challenging to achieve a better gender balance


Firms must stay tuned to shifting demands

Adaptability and agility are the watchwords as new markets and customers put pressure on traditional business models, writes Andrew Hill

Emerging markets: Think local for global expansion

Moving overseas provides challenges but solutions are profitable, says Ross Tieman

Case study: Triple takeover for Ernst & Young in South Africa

Hiring teams via acquisitions can speed things along, writes Ross Tieman

Public sector: Retrenchment as government work dwindles

What began in the UK is now taking its toll in the US, says Gill Plimmer

Manufacturing: Factories’ drive for flexibility brings firms back to the floor

Companies seek to remain competitive as confidence returns, writes Rod Newing

Environment: Specialists face threat to domination

Strategy firms, the Big Four and NGOs are muscling in but clients’ in-house expertise is growing, too, writes Sarah Murray

Case study: Copenhagen goes green

The Danish capital has set itself ambitious sustainability targets, writes Sarah Murray

Technology: Sea change in IT demands a pilot for difficult waters

Stephen Pritchard finds issues such as cybersecurity, the cloud and ‘big data’ require expert help

Value-based contracts: Payments by result gain ground in tougher environment

Cost-conscious clients drive trend for work based on outcomes, writes Rod Newing

Case study: Variable payments on Volvo Trucks job

Celerant earned more by increasing capacity at Swedish cab plant, writes Rod Newing

Talent: No stone left unturned in hunt for good recruits

Consultancies are looking far and wide for the people they need, writes Ross Tieman

Case study: PwC apprenticeships

Firm is training school leavers to be management consultants, writes Andrew Baxter

‘Panama’: Groundbreaking project aids UK troops

PA Consulting develops an unmanned anti-IED system, writes Andrew Baxter