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The technological challenges consultants face are ‘the four horsemen of the apocalypse’

Dissolving of boundaries lets in more competitors

The industry is having to adapt as technological changes redraw the landscape

life in a Google office

Engaging the next generation of talent is the big challenge

Tech-savvy millennials are in demand but they have their own priorities

Tie-ups offer a quick fix where in-house skills are in short supply

Firms are making up for gaps in their expertise by forming alliances with outside talent

Nimble boutique give headhunters a run for their money

Competition for the middle of this lucrative market is pushing top recruitment groups to focus on the high end

the London home of strategy consultancy OC&C
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The ‘Goldilocks paradox’ gives a role to those in the middle

It is vital to develop expertise and not diversify too much

Politicians put brakes on government work

Projects tend to be smaller and more specialised

Opinion divided over dedicated online teams

Some companies see ‘digital’ units as innovative, others dismiss them as marketing hype with little strategic value

Group of business people using smart phones
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Fees based on results begin to challenge old-style bills

Businesses can now mix and match models for a tailor-made solution