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China no longer needs the foreign capital it once did and the days of trying to attract overseas investors to build factories for exports are long gone

Blueprint for reform targets corruption

An agenda aimed at putting China on a sustainable economic footing may cost foreign companies dearly

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The odds are stacked against investigators

‘Must-win’ healthcare market has its pitfalls

Pharmaceutical companies in China must tread carefully in a difficult environment

Novel approach to banking in China

Competition puts an end to days of easy profits

China: Watchdog intensifies efforts

Antitrust agencies are issuing more fines

China: fighting pollution on national agenda

As wealth increases, so do expectations of clean air and water

Rebalancing the Chinese economy

Urbanisation may be the key to sustaining raw material demand

China’s new port reflects southeast Asia drive

Many traders say geopolitics will have little impact on the push to make money

China opens doors to foreign insurance groups

Opportunity comes with caveats

China: High-end luxury grows more slowly

Anti-graft drive inflicts toll on sales of top brand products