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The relentless slowdown in the broader Chinese economy that has been under way for the last few years appears to be worsening, and deep-seated problems in the real estate, manufacturing and financial sectors are becoming more acute

Beijing’s online to offline economy

Uber may have made mobile taxis a huge business around the world but in China Uber is just the tip of the iceberg. The FT’s Charles Clover looks at the range of services available at the tap of a button in Beijing

Video: FT World: China economy

China’s economy in 90 seconds

Chinese economic growth has slowed to its lowest rate for a quarter of a century. The FT’s Jamil Anderlini explains what this means for the rest of the world.

The five elements of business in China

Success can depend on understanding the intricacies of the country’s culture. The FT’s Jamil Anderlini explains how through the five elements of the Chinese zodiac

Beijing’s economic competence questioned

Leadership under pressure as growth continues to grind down and debt piles up

Alibaba chairman Jack Ma, center, tasted Washington apples at Alibaba Group Headquarters in Hangzhou, China on Oct. 14

Ecommerce offers a faster way to market

There are companies so powerful that they have become the ‘ministry of the internet’

Legacy of China’s stimulus plan is mixed

The legacy of the government’s economic stimulus plan is mixed, leading to a vast increase in debt

‘One Belt One Road’ greeted with caution

Little indication of where the money from the development plan might flow, or how to tap into it

Susan Ning of King & Wood Mallesons, Beijing

‘Dawn raid’ drills may become de rigueur

Foreign companies are confronting a broader array of regulatory risks than ever before

Returning Chinese replace European expats

The number of expatriates arriving in Shanghai on lavish corporate packages is falling

Li & Fung: Family ties prove indispensable

Company reinventing itself after more than 100 years in the sourcing business

Respect is a prerequisite for doing business

The better road is one of calm and thoughtfulness rather than agitation and hostility


Slowdown is part of China’s new narrative

Shifts in investment patterns and internal problems signal end to strong growth

Rising costs put squeeze on profits

Local consumers are not prepared to pay the prices that foreign customers will

Corruption a symptom of healthcare ills

Beijing plans to improve care for its 1.4bn citizens, but distrust of private hospitals is a hurdle

Antitrust fines fail to stall automakers

The euphoria from the biggest automotive boom in industrial history is being tempered by unexpected risks

Beijing looms large in Hong Kong’s future

Fears increase over impact on business of territory’s electoral reform plans

Hermès takes the long view over style

Even as Beijing cracks down on extravagance, brand holds its appeal for sophisticates

Liberalisation threatens short-term stability

Policy makers set sights on long-term growth and patient investors will find plenty of opportunities

Caution over Shanghai test ground

Critics are disappointed, one year on, at the slow pace of change in this important test area for reforms

How to stay ahead of mobile revolution

The search for gateway apps is driving acquisitions in a dynamic industry

China needs to be top of Europe’s agenda

The country is now an economic superpower that helps shape global practices and invests overseas