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Austria has registered economic growth each year since 2009, and quality of life is high. Social cohesion is strong and inequality low. Cosmopolitan Vienna is regularly ranked as one of the world’s best places to live

Reforms to reignite Austria’s faltering growth

Overhauling taxation and improving the education system are crucial challenges

Franz Schellhorn

Commentary: The Wunder economy loses its gloss as productivity slows and deficits rise

Austria is admired in many parts of Europe. So can the country serve as a role model?

Coalition seeks to finance promised tax reduction

Politicians of all persuasions agree that the tax burden on labour is too high, but how best to address this remains elusive

Vienna Stephansplatz Haas

Corporate confidence and investment dip as exports disappoint

Overall business success has not calmed public nerves

Pensions: the dangers of demographics

The reality of working longer and retiring poorer starts to bite

Banks face difficulties operating in central and eastern Europe

Setbacks in Hungary, Romania and Ukraine prove problematic for the financial sector

Austrian Economy Minister Reinhold Mitterlehner addresses a news conference in Vienna August 26, 2014
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Split opinions as grand coalition faces pressure

Historic alliance is under threat as it struggles to attract young voters and new parties gain support

Matthias Strolz
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Neos buck sceptic trends with pro-European liberalism

A political newcomer, this centrist party may find itself part of a three-way union

Peter Vadasz, the mayor of Gussing, Austria, speaks in his office in Guessing, Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2007
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Innovative biomass plant fires up economic backwater

Small town in the far east of the country has its fortunes transformed by renewable energy

Vienna hosts the Pioneers Festival in October
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Entrepreneurs seek angels to get start-ups off the ground

Young developers and innovators turn away from institutional investors