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Despite Austria’s outward trappings of economic success, structural changes are in urgent need of attention

Austria’s old coalition faces harsh realities

Despite the outward trappings of economic success, structural changes are in urgent need of attention

Two-party deadlock predicted to dominate the Austrian political scene

Coalition stalemate is widely believed to have blocked reform

Raiffeisen Bank International chief is ready for the capital challenge

A look at the options open to Karl Sevelda

CEO of the Vienna Stock Exchange, Michael Buhl
©Bruno Vincent

Stock exchange: Bourse sees privatisation as big opportunity

Shortage of big, liquid stocks slows Vienna recovery

Crisis fallout: Cost of support for banking has yet to become clear

Vienna and Brussels have clashed over failed institutions, while lenders are waiting for the upturn

Financial crisis: Unemployment fears hang over hopes for growth

An upturn is expected in 2014, but many feel under pressure

Migrants struggle to achieve full integration

Opportunities are limited in education and the workplace

Gerhard Roiss, OMV executive chairman
©OMV Aktiengesellschaft

Energy: Long-term strategy pays off for OMV

Austria’s largest oil and gas company has raised eyebrows with the $2.7bn price tag for its joint projects with Statoil

Telecoms: Price wars take their toll on operators’ bottom line

EU charge plans may add to pressure

Opinion: Reforms would provide the economic flexibility needed

If Austria wants to remain a competitive place, it cannot and must not continue to waste its financial resources


Progress belies lack of political vision

Austria has many strengths but the grand coalition is drifting and unable to address a range of issues, write James Shotter and Eric Frey

Politics: Waltz may be over as a fresh partner steps out

Disenchantment with old parties and the entry of new ones may bring change, says Eric Frey

Frank Stronach: Vote for the ‘new man’ could retain status quo

Expat 80-year-old billionaire is new kid of Austrian politics, writes James Shotter

Economy: Strengths and weaknesses finely balanced

The country’s strong position in central and eastern Europe is also its main risk factor and reforms are needed, explains Eric Frey

Banking: Better results but full recovery still to come

Regulatory deficiencies mean that a quick clean-up after the financial crisis is harder than it might have been, says James Shotter

Voestalpine: Rail relaunch was route to profit for steelmaker

Technology added value to the former state conglomerate, writes Kester Eddy

ÖIAG: Political wrangling puts privatisations on hold

Rift between parties delays decisions on future of the holding company and stakes, writes James Shotter

Vienna: Capital battles with rivals to be HQ location

The city has many attractions but neighbours are catching up, writes James Shotter

Education: Funding squeeze causes college blues

With no tuition fees, universities are overcrowded and teaching is suffering, writes Eric Frey

Porsche Design Studio: Geared up to sell to fashionistas, not petrolheads

Chris Bryant finds the practice is keen to build on its founder’s legacy