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Austrian companies are world leaders in industrial innovation, science and research, but chief executives and politicians believe that an accelerated reform agenda is crucial to maintaining its international appeal

Sights move beyond European markets

Neighbours make natural trading partners but some businesses look further afield

Heinz Fischer, president of Austria
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Heinz Fischer: defender of consensus politics

The Austrian president admits some reforms have been too slow but the country is on the right economic track

A teaching system under intense pressure

The state spends more per student than most European peers yet quality is a serious concern

Jörg Schelling, ÖVP finance minister
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Pressure soars with rise of the far right

Economic reform and the refugee crisis have led to social disquiet

Diplomatic dining, spies and torte in Vienna

Vienna has put itself at the centre of the diplomatic world map with the signing of a landmark nuclear accord

Workers clean the windows in the departure area at Vienna's airport in Schwechat April 2, 2014
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Companies from the east look to Vienna

Vienna has revised its pitch to business by turning into a hub

Austria: ‘xenophobia must be met head on’

Integration is a challenge in need of role models, says Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell

Visitor numbers boost Austrian economy

Tourism now represents nearly 8 per cent of gross domestic product and generates some 350,000 jobs

Austria’s reform agenda fails to bite

Business red tape, frequent legal changes and high taxes take their toll

Overcapacity is a risky business in banking

Austria’s economy is among Europe’s most stable. Life as a banker is not quite the same

Tolling technology offers new route to success

Spending big on research and development is paying dividends for the family-owned Kapsch group